10 plants with tall flowers to give verticality to your garden

There are a number of tall flowering plants that you should be aware of if you want to add verticality to your garden. They decorate with their colors and with the natural species they attract, such as butterflies. Some have small but bushy flowers. Others, like sunflowers, offer little foliage, even though their flowers are large and very showy.

Therefore, the ideal is to create a garden with several species to enjoy a unique contrast. If that’s what you’re looking for, read on to learn about these beautiful plants that will also offer you privacy. That’s how: growing these types of tall plants will help form a natural barrier.

Why include tall plants in your garden?

We’ve already mentioned a few reasons why you should complement your garden with beautiful tall flowering plants, but there’s more!

  • They are ideal for making bouquets: With tall stems, these plants can be grown to create beautiful bouquets when it’s time for pruning.
  • They cover unsightly spaces: If there are spaces in your garden that you want to cover, such as unsightly walls or strange structures, it’s best to take advantage of natural cover.
  • They attract attention: Most of these plants bloom at eye level, so they will fill anyone who sets their eyes there with light and vitality.
  • They are an ecosystem for several species: If you like the visits of small and harmless animals such as hedgehogs, frogs or butterflies, do not hesitate to grow this type of flower.
  • They complement your garden and add a 3D effect: having plants of different heights creates a three-dimensional effect, worthy of a magazine cover.

Choose from these tall flowering plants for your garden

Now that you know that there are significant benefits behind growing tall flowering plants in your garden, it’s only natural that you want to know about the specific species you might start planting. Take note!

1. Cleome

Cleomes are tall flowering plants, also known as the spider flower.

THE Cleome are plants known as spider flowerWELL They are a favorite of arachnids for weaving their webs. They reach up to 180 centimeters in height and their flowers are born in different shades, between pink, purple and white.

In addition to spiders, they attract hummingbirds and butterflies due to the delicious scent their flowers secrete at night. Make sure it gets direct sunlight.

2. Buddleja

Buddleja davidii is known as the butterfly bush.

THE buddleja It is a shrub-type plant that serves to create natural barriers in the garden. Known as the butterfly bushgrows between 150 and 180 centimeters. With optimal care it could reach a height of 210 centimeters.

Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. This is due to the shape of its flowers and the possibility it provides to these animals to feed on it. Its flowers are pink, white, purple or blue.

3. cane

The canna is one of the tall flowering plants for the garden.

THE cane It is a tall flowering plant that is characterized by its beautiful colors, not only in the flowers, but also in the leaves. The former can be red, orange, yellow or pink; while the latter are reddish.

these beauties They can reach a height of almost 4 meters, provided they receive the care they need. Primarily, a warm space and moist substrate.

4. boltonia

Boltonia attracts various insects such as bees.

THE boltoniaAlso known as false stars, is one of the tall flowering plants that you can grow in your garden. It is native to North America and belongs to the aster family, with which it shares some properties derived from its essential oils.

It flowers in white, purple and pink and manages to reach almost two meters in height. If you like it, be sure to plant it in an area where it gets direct sun.

5. Delphinium

Delphinium colors are beautiful and very varied.

THE delphinium they are nice tall plants. Its flowers are small and grow attached to a very bushy stick. It reaches almost two meters in height and is a favorite with butterflies.

Although many people want to grow it in their gardens, the delphinium They need a very rich substrate in terms of minerals and nutrients. Likewise, you should try to have it in a space with partial shade or direct sun.


Cosmos is a very simple, yet beautiful tall flowering plant.

Cosmos are tall flowering plants that cannot be missing from your garden. Its flowers are delicate and come in pink, white and purple colors. They have little foliage, as their leaves are similar to those of a fern.

There are various types of cosmos. The tallest are i sensationreaching almost two meters in height. They also attract insects like butterflies and bees. Of course, for them to grow healthy they need to be grown in full sun.

7. Digital

Foxglove: properties, uses and side effects.

Digitalis is a very beautiful plant that gives us a show of colors through its flowers. These grow attached to a rod and are shaped like bells or thimbles; hence its name. They are ideal for adding verticality to your garden, even for their leaves and stems.

There is a wide variety of colors, depending on the specific species. THE Digitalis purpurea ‘Pink Camelot’ magenta bloom and foxglove grandiflora in a lime-yellow hue, as its English name indicates (digital yellow).

8. Prairie Street

The Calle de la prairie flower is highly desired by hummingbirds.

prairie street (Talictrum spp.) or rue de la prairie is very beautiful and coveted for the shape of its flower petals. They are spherical and look like snowflakes..

Depending on the variety, the colors are defined. Among them, cream, yellow, greenish yellow and lavender. This plant reaches a height of almost three meters.

9. Aloe flashlight

Torch aloe is a succulent plant with tall flowers.

Torch aloe is a large succulent plant, easy to care for and with very beautiful flowers. These grow on a tall rod that grows from cone-shaped fleshy leaves. Its color is red and makes the flowers stand out among the green leaves.

They bloom between winter and spring. They require a sandy and well drained substrate, and you should plant it where it gets direct sun.

10. Sunflower

Sunflowers are one of the tall flowering plants that add verticality to gardens.

Sunflowers are one of the quintessential tall flowering plants. They are beautiful and can be grown to make flower arrangements or bouquets. This plant reaches between 3 and 4 meters in height and its flowers could be the size of a soccer balldepending on the species.

Among the tallest are sunflowers American giant hybridHe mammoth and the skyscraper. If you want to grow them in the garden, be sure to provide them with plenty of direct sun.

Tell us, what is your favorite flower?

We share with you 10 tall flowering plants that add verticality to your garden and help you create a beautiful natural privacy barrier. Pick the ones you think will fit in your spacedepending on the characteristics of the soil and sun exposure.

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