10 signs that your marriage no longer has a solution

It’s hard to recognize that a marriage no longer has a solution. AND put an end to something that for both represented happiness at some point and was meant to be for life.

Sometimes there are ways and formulas that can save you. However, there are times when It’s better to accept reality, however harsh it may be.and move forward on different roads.

About 50 percent of couples who get married for the first time end up in divorce, according to divorce statistics. The reasons can be various, from financial problems to sexual incompatibilities. But the ending is the same. What signs warn him?

How to be sure that marriage no longer has a solution?

Marriages have best and worst situations. In bad times, the idea of ​​separation may come to mind, and when the problems pass and the relationship improves, those thoughts seem out of place. Here because, it’s hard to discern if it’s just a bad phase or if it’s something that has no solution.

On background, You don’t want to destroy a relationship and take the blame.. Some things are affected, from the materials that have been built together, to the children, who want to protect and take care of above all else.

Couple with their backs turned: marriage has no more solution
Bad streaks can be normal in any relationship. However, when these are constant, the idea of ​​divorce can take shape.

Therefore, sometimes it is good to look for solutions. Shelly Warrenmarriage therapist, she recommends run out of 5 actions before thinking that marriage no longer has a solution.

  • Contact a marriage counselor
  • Talk to the couple about the needs and concerns of the relationship.
  • Spend more time together and be more intimate.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes and try to change them.
  • Understand that the couple can be wrong.

However, there are times when the signs indicate that there are not too many possible exits.

insurmountable situations

First you need to consider this some situations are not to be tolerated and they don’t even deserve a reconsideration. Among them are the following.

1. A marriage is no longer resolved if there is abuse

Both physically and verbally, If you feel like your partner is attacking you, you shouldn’t accept it. and you need to understand that violent behavior is repetitive.

2. Toxic relationships

A harmful relationship can be difficult to recognizeBecause sometimes the damage is subtle. If you feel belittled, verbal abuse, a lack of empathy, constant criticism, and a lack of consideration, you may be the victim of a toxic relationship.

rejection of the hand
Abuse and toxic relationships are something that cannot be tolerated. At any sign, ending the relationship will be the best solution.

3. Lies as a sign that marriage no longer has a solution

A couple is built on trust. If deception is a custom to justify behavior, that trust is broken. Similarly, infidelity is a sign of little interest in the relationship. Although sometimes it can be forgiven and overcome, other times the offender tends to reoffend.

4. Addictions

Even if there is love and empathy, if one of the members is addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling or some other type of addictive behavior, sooner or later it will affect the relationship.

The addiction will be more important than the couple and the consequences can be incalculable. In these cases, it is best to seek professional help.

Signs that marriage no longer has a solution

There are other circumstances where the path to follow is not so clear. When you feel divorce is imminent but doubts won’t let you decide, you can look for the answer taking into account some signs that it is possible to offer you a clearer view that marriage no longer has a solution.

1. Disrespect

When one loses respect for the other, the relationship becomes complicated. If one feels that the other is inferior, it will be difficult to change that feeling.

John Gotmanone of the most renowned psychologists, believes this contempt is one of the “horsemen of the marriage apocalypse”.

couple arguing
One of the fundamental pillars of the relationship must be mutual respect. Otherwise, the relationship will be lost.

2. You idealize a life without a partner

Thinking that you might be better off alone or with another person in a time of conflict can be normal. But when this is a constant thought and every moment you find a more satisfying situation, it is a sign that there is no satisfaction with the marriage.

3. Constant quarrels

Differences in marriage are normal. Coexistence is difficult; but when there is love, there is tolerance. However, if every conversation ends in an argument, that tolerance has been lost. There may also be a need to vent some internal anger against the other. And that’s not good for the relationship.

4. Constant criticism

If you don’t see anything good in the relationship, or vice versa, it’s because the criticism has taken over the relationship. Constructive criticism is valuable as long as you also see the positives. But when criticism only destroys, other things are destroyed in the couple.

couple arguing
Constructive criticism is a good thing, but when it becomes destructive it’s a vicious cycle until it breaks.

5. Blaming the other

In every relationship, the blame is shared. When your partner blames you, there may be a feeling of anger towards you. That it is a form of contempt that it should also be treated with a marriage therapist; otherwise it will be difficult to maintain a relationship with that premise.

6. Lack of contact

Sexual intercourse is an important part of being a couple. If in addition there is not even a caress, a kiss or a hug, interest may have been lost.

Do you think that marriage has no solution?

If you still want to fight for the relationship, do it actively.. However, keep in mind that there are some things that shouldn’t be tolerated. Marriage therapy is an appropriate option although, even if the feelings do not change, the decision will be made.

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