10 tips for sorting and organizing the clothes in your closet

There is nothing better than being able to quickly find our clothes when we are in a hurry. However, due to the many daily occupations, sometimes we find a mess in the closet that makes this task difficult for us. Therefore, It is essential to learn how to sort and organize your clothes.

The most frustrating thing is that sometimes we spend time organizing it and later we see that those efforts are in vain because everything goes wrong again. The problem is that we neglect the tricks to optimize space and we end up saturating the drawers.

How can we sort and organize clothes without getting complicated? Well, even if you think it has no science, there are tricks that make it easier. on this occasion We want to share the top 10 in detail so keep that in mind from now on.

The best tips for sorting and organizing your clothes in the closet

When we go to sort and organize the clothes in our closet, we usually separate the clothes by category. So when we go looking for them, we find in one section the blouses, in another the jeans and a small space for accessories. However, these measures are not always enough. What else can we do?

1.- Use circular containers

Some circular containers, both tin and plastic, They can be useful for separating those small accessories which make the closet look messy. Just put them in the drawers and then put your scarves, handkerchiefs or belts in them.

2.- Roll up the shirts

Folding your shirts or hanging them on hangers isn’t always the best option for making everything look neat. An easy way to arrange them is to make small rolls and separate them, for example, by color.

3.- Arrange vertically

Clothes can be arranged to take up less space.

The above option is sometimes not attractive for sorting and organizing clothes in the closet. Therefore, It is convenient to know another way to place T-shirts. A very simple way, which also optimizes space, is to insert them vertically inside the drawer.

4.- Put the scarves on the hangers

clothes hangers They are a perfect item to gain more space in your closet organization. In this case, we recommend using them to hang scarves, handkerchiefs and other long accessories, as it makes them look neat and prevents them from getting tangled.

5.- Use hooks with colored thread

Customizing coat hooks is a very useful trick when we want to find everything in its place. Covering them with Colored threads or ribbons, these make it possible to classify garments, for example, according to their colour.

6.- Put an extendable pole

In the market some extendable rods are available They fit very easily inside the dresser. Thus, by exploiting those free spaces, it is possible to give a better order to clothes and accessories.

7.- Hang the jeans on curtain hooks

The bathroom curtain hooks can be reused as an accessory to sort and organize clothes in the closet. Even if they seem to have only one end, this small element can be useful for hanging your trousers jeans.

8.- Use the ring of a soda lid

At first this idea sounds a bit strange. However, It is very useful for optimizing space when drawers start to fill up. It involves placing a soda cap ring on a hook and then inserting another hook.

We can recycle items that will later have various uses.

9.- Hang up your boots

Boots are a very special type of footwear. However, They tend to take up a lot of space when stored inside the wardrobe. To order them without mistreating the materials, just buy some nice hooks that allow you to hang them.

10.- Put the underwear in the boxes

Small cardboard boxes, or even wooden boxes, can be useful for sorting your underwear without difficulty. Introducing these accessories in the wardrobe drawers We can make different compartments for the respective garments.

You have to make sure that they fit well inside the furniture, so that you can close it without difficulty. If you prefer, you can use them to store shirts, scarves or any other small accessory.

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In some cases, after applying these tips for sorting and organizing clothes in the closet, we realize we don’t have enough space to store everything. Therefore, It is convenient for us to know other alternatives to arrange. If you come to this case, feel free to use:

  • Wall shelves.
  • Hanging clothes organizers.
  • Shoe shelves.
  • Drawers that fit under the bed.
  • Organizers with wooden boxes.

did you apply them? suggestions? If you spend too much time sorting through your closet or looking for the clothes you want to wear, don’t hesitate to put them into practice. If you have other similar ideas, feel free to share them with us.

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