10 tips to make hair dye last longer

Hair dye is not eternal. One of the fears that hold back the intentions of trying coloring is to enslave the dye to touch up the roots of the hair or completely refresh the image. However, there are ways to extend pigmentation beyond 4-6 weeks.

The methods are based on special care that maintains both the dye and the shine of the hair. From the water you wash to the products you apply, they’re vital so that your natural color doesn’t get exposed so quickly.

How to make hair dye last longer?

Most dyes contain an oxidizing agent and an alkaline agent (ammonia). clickmica Explain that both mix and, in the process, the proteins of the original tone vanish, giving way to the new color.

But the pigment in the outer layer fades with every wash, use of straighteners and hair dryers, exposure to the sun and application of the wrong products. To slow down the fade, pay attention to the following tips.

1. Use colored hair products

Shampoo and conditioner must be for colored hair and match the tone. This class of objects They are made without sulphates or silicones, to lengthen the coloring.

Additionally, many formulas contain natural ingredients that protect the color. For example sunflower seeds, wheat, rosemary or coffee.

2. Space out the washes

Every time you wash your hair you lose color. Space out the use of shampoo. If your routine used to be every 2 days, change it to 3.

Other tricks include trying dry shampoo and pulling your hair back into ponytails or braids so it doesn’t get dirty.

Wash your dyed hair.
The more often you wash, the less the dye will last on your hair.

3. Hydrate

When the hair is healthy, the dye is extended. By moisturizing you prevent the porosity of the strands and the oxidation of the color. Give your hair love with masks for dry or dyed hair.

4. Prefer cold water

Hot water and dye are not good friends. Subjecting the hair to high temperatures on a daily basis opens the cuticles and breaks it. It also favors the appearance of dandruff and hair loss.

It is best to wash with warm or cold water. If possible, install a filter to purify it of iron and lime, as they damage its colouring.

5. Defend yourself from bad weather

The sun’s rays, heat and cold have a negative effect on hair dyeing. Whenever you can, cover it up with hats or bandanas.

As for the temperature it receives from dryers and irons, it does less damage if you apply a layer of heat protectant, cream or spray first.

6. Take care of it in the pools and on the beach

Chlorine from swimming pools and sea salt totally damage hair dye. If you plan to swim, it is recommended to wear a waterproof cap. Otherwise, your hair will become brittle, dull and dehydrated.

7. Zero alcohol

When you buy dyed hair care products, check that they do not contain alcohol. This substance tends to dry out the strands and accelerates fading.

8. Touch up the roots

You don’t have to paint your hair completely. When the roots appear, pigment them.

This method saves time and money. why not spend hours waiting for the dye to settle or mix it up to cover the whole hair.

9. Choose your dye well

Mexico’s National Chamber of Cosmetic Products Industry notes that there are permanent and semi-permanent dyes. The duration of the tone depends on these characteristics, in addition to the care the hair receives.

Permanents provide greater color resistance, while semi-permanent ones hold fewer washes. This is due to the chemical composition of the products.

Another gentle and healthy alternative is tincture semi-permanent. this option fades more slowly, contains no ammonia and is low in peroxide. It is estimated to last 24 to 28 washes.

Dye for the roots of the hair.
You can focus on the roots of your hair to save time and money, without having to dye the entire length of your hair.

10. Go to a professional stylist

To prolong the effects of hair dye, especially if you’re looking for a dramatic change with streaks or streaks, the right thing to do is to let a stylist stand out, dyeing with professional carving products. You will certainly use a semi-permanent cosmetic formula alone and the coloring will last less.

Let the dye soak in

The success of long-lasting hair coloring is based on hair care and the use of quality dyes. But there are secrets too, like letting the formula soak in completely.

A common mistake is washing your hair to remove the dye. Do not do it! Rinse first with water and then clean with the product supplied with the kit. If you use regular shampoo you will lose pigmentation. After a few days, you can use a shampoo for colored hair.

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