11 hair accessories that will make you look amazing

There are days when it makes you dare more with your hair, whether it’s waves, a lock of color or a different hairstyle than the one you always show off. Hair accessories are allies in this mission.

The variety of decorations and the simplicity of placing them allow creativity to flourish when putting together new styles that attract attention. Also, according to the chosen pieces you highlight the factions, combine outfits and distinguish your personality. Let’s learn how to take advantage of it.

Hair accessories: a touch that stands out

Sometimes, the urgency with which we move outweighs the desire to spend more time fixing our hair. When you’re against the clock, hair accessories become a great alternative because, without doing much, you get a it seems Handsome.

Regard pieces designed in multiple ways, to be modeled according to the occasion and with the technique you want to try. The idea is to look flirty and out of the ordinary.

Adapt these items in everyday life to go to work, to the gym or to class; although you also use them at more formal events. In all cases, embellishing the hair with decorative elements will always be right.

Types of hair accessories that complete a perfect “look”

11 hair accessories that will make you look amazing
Bands can help you have a it seems informal, but also formal depending on its design and combination.

There are accessories that are discreet or of great impact, there are those with a light grip or greater robustness. Also, find modern or Vintage, there are for short hair or long hair; the truth is the selection depends on each taste and how willing you are to revamp the hairstyle.

1. Pearls

Pearls highlight the hairstyle. Decorated with just the right amount, these brooches add delicacy. Plus, you don’t necessarily have to attend a fancy event to show them off.

2. Combs

Combs are hair clips of different shapes that They are used to collect completely or only a part. Try to choose those whose material of manufacture is hair-friendly, but resist styling.

A unique way to use the combs is to part the hair with a strand and braid a loose strand to one side, while the other end is gathered up with the attachment.

3. Ribbons

Other names by which these accessories are known are “vincha” and “fascia”. They are flexible or rigid ribbons of fabric that form an arc, usually a different color from the tone of the hair. They can be smooth, wavy or alternate texture; there are single-color or printed ones.

4. Wall lights

When we talk about appliqué we refer to the fixing of natural or synthetic hair using curtains, locks, pigtails and fringes. The goal is to simulate that extensions belong to the hair itself, so it is common for them to be sold in all hair types and colors; It is also possible to dye them.

5. Clothespins

They are accessories that come from the past and everyone has used them sooner or later. Clothespins or invisible, as you prefer, They help style any type of bow or just add some grace to the hair. Paradoxically to one of its names, some brooches consist of precious stones, colors and ornaments visible to the naked eye.

6. Bands

The headbands work great for going to the gym and so your hair doesn’t fall down your face, while you’re doing your routines. In hot weather, they are also useful for lightening the face. Elastic or common fabric, Bands are a kind of sporty or casual looking headbands.

7. Swaddling

11 hair accessories that will make you look amazing
Tiaras are a classic wedding accessory. However, you can use them in other occasions.

The diadems of subtle luster, studded with pearls or without great ornaments, the styling and elegant outfits stand out. If you like these accessories, be careful to choose ones that don’t choke the it seems and does not injure either the hair or the scalp. As for flower headbands, they are usually used at outdoor events due to their romantic nature.

8. Donuts

this tool makes it easy to do up-dos for a more formal and neat look. They are discs that look like a donut that you wrap your hair around. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Collect a high or low tail, with an elastic band to tie the hair.
  • Enter the donut so that it is above the rubber.
  • Divide the ponytail into 2 parts and pass one by one around the donut.
  • The ends of the hair are kept inside the donut, as you roll. The goal is to line up the donut with the hair.

Personalize them with pearls, applications or other accessories around. In addition, the gel and spray for the hair cooperate with the intact hairstyle for a longer intact time.

9. Garters

Rubber bands or garters are usually used if you want to tie your hair back in a single updo, half updo, tail or braids. These scrunchies may be fabric, but many prefer the plastic presentation, because they don’t mistreat or tear the threads.

They are available in all colors and in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. And it is that those with smaller diameter alloys are not as resistant to considerable volumes of hair.

Knowing how to play with the hairstyle, hide the elastics in your hair to give the illusion that nothing is holding them. Another point in its favor is that the rubber ones, regardless of the use they receive, are soaked for a few seconds in boiling water and they resume their original shape.

10. Lamellae

Ribbons or bows are back in 80s fashion, when they dressed up their hairstyles with bows of any size. It is recommended to use designs that contrast both hair color and clothing. The method to flaunt this trend? Glued to pigtails or with a discreet tie whose point of impact is the ribbon.

eleven. hairpins

These little hooks are special because of their versatility and the particular workmanship designed not to mark the hair. Resins, carbon steel and plastics are the materials frequently used in the creation of hairpins.

Precautions to take when using hair accessories

When styling your hair and adding accessories, be careful not to overtighten it. The Colombian Association of Dermatology and Dermatological Surgery refers that it is essential not to adopt tight hairstyles in order not to lose hair in the areas with the greatest traction.

Moreover, Dermo-syphilographic records mentions possibility of folliculitis with too much pressure from the threads. Generally this happens with ponytails and braids, so in addition to not exaggerating with the collected ones, use accessories that do not damage the health of the hair.

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