11 things you should never vacuum for the sake of your vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner has become a favorite home appliance of many people, who see it as a quick and effective way to clean the different spaces of a house or an office. While it can be used for almost any type of surface and dirt, there are some things you should never vacuum.

Although it can be tempting to vacuum certain furniture, nooks and crannies, the reality is that not only could this cause accidents, but it could also ruin the vacuum cleaner and reduce its effectiveness. Let’s review what we can not clean with this device.

1. Wet foods

Although some models of vacuum cleaners are used to pass over wet surfaces, leftover food not included. We refer to stews, salads and any such food.

First, because it could clog parts of your vacuum cleaner and even break the motor. Second, because shortly after being blocked, these foods will attract fungi and bacteria which will begin to give off an unpleasant smell.

However, it is possible to vacuum-pack salt, pepper and some vegetables that have been spilled. Until they got wet.

2. Leftover coffee

Wet coffee grounds are among the things you should never vacuum if you want to have healthy vacuuming for a long time. We know they’re not easy to clean, but vacuuming them could be worse. The hose and filter will become clogged and mold will develop after a while inside the machine.

3. Dried leaves

It is not recommended to vacuum leaves and flowers that have fallen from plants. This is because, getting into the machine’s waste bag, they can clog the filters and other parts. Therefore, for gardening tasks it is best to use a broom or rake and shovel.

Dry leaves.
Resist the temptation to vacuum up the dried leaves, as the result could be catastrophic for your appliance.

4. Ash

Never vacuum the ashes from the hearth, because the only thing you will do is redistribute them in the environment. What happens is that They are particles so tiny that when you inhale them you run the risk of being expelled back from the car and stay in the air.

For clean these ashes, it is advisable to cover them with wet coffee grounds and then collect them with the classic method of broom and shovel. That way, there’s no danger of you inhaling them while cleaning them.

5. Remains of rubble

Work around the house, like renovations and parts, creates debris and dirt that shouldn’t be vacuumed. In case of debris, the dust is so fine that the same thing could happen with the ashes and end up as dust suspended in the environment. In addition, you run the risk of sucking up some somewhat large remains and damage your vacuum cleaner.

6. Coins and other small items

We know you’re not looking for coins or little toys to vacuum up, but yeah. it often happens that they enter the vacuum cleaner by mistake and do great damage. In the case of toys, they could break if sucked in and the parts would get trapped in the vacuum.

The best advice is to check the area you plan to vacuum beforehand to avoid this type of accident.

7. Liquids

Unless your vacuum cleaner model is suitable for vacuuming liquids, never try to dry a surface by vacuuming up the liquid that is on it. The damage that can be caused to the machine could be irreparable; not to mention the electrical risk that is generated.

8. Makeup

Eye shadow, blush, lipstick and any other makeup should be kept away from your vacuum cleaner. If a shade breaks, for example, we know it’s very tempting to vacuum up the remains, because within seconds we’d have the area clean.

However, that’s not a good idea. They can cause a lot of damage, as it is too fine a powder. In the case of lipsticks, they can melt with heat and cause a real mess.

9. Wet ground

If a pot breaks or someone leaves mud while walking because their shoes are dirty, it would be very easy to remove that mud with a vacuum cleaner. However, it would be a mistake because that wet dirt could stick even more to the carpetas well as damaging the engine of the car.

10. Remaining hair

Hair is one of the main enemies of vacuum cleaners, as it clogs the ducts and clogs the filters in place. That’s why the ideal is to collect the hairs that can remain on the carpet in another way.

Hair on the brush.
In times of intense hair loss, do not use a vacuum cleaner to remove strands from surfaces.

11. Shards of glass

Never vacuum glass debris as you could cause irreparable damage inside the machine. In that case, he puts on gloves and puts the glasses in a cardboard box.

Respect the things you should never aspire to

We have examined what are the things that we should not vacuum because they could ruin the appliance. Likewise, there are some basic care you should take into consideration when using the machine.

For example, try to clear the area you intend to clean before starting, to avoid vacuuming unwanted objects. Also, don’t use the vacuum cleaner with a full bag, as it won’t work properly.

We hope you take these recommendations into consideration so that your machine runs 100% and remains in perfect condition.

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