12 ways to boost a child’s brain health

What do we mean when we talk about brain health? We simply mean this a baby responds to developmental and emotional indicators according to its age. Therefore, it is important to stimulate the child’s brain health.

Based on this statement, we can deduce that good brain health is essential for the child to learn social skills and respond to academic demands correctly. So, here are some ideas to improve your brain health.

How to stimulate the child’s brain health?

dancing girls
Physical activities are essential for good brain development.

To perform brain stimulation, it is recommended to perform what is known as a “neurobic”, also called aerobics or brain gymnastics. It is a set of exercises that allow the two cerebral hemispheres to work through both physical and mental strategies, as evidenced by this work done by professionals from the University of San Francisco de Quito.

As you will see below, physical and mental exercises will be recommended which help promote the creation of neural interconnections in the brain.

1. Parallel drawing

To do this activity, have your child take two pencils, one in each hand. Put in front of him a large sheet or two sheets, failing that. It’s time to get to work: the idea is to make a drawing with both hands at the same time.

To do this, you will have to make different movements, up or down, in a circular way, etc. This simple (and fun) exercise encourages fine motor skills and writing.

2. Cross scan

It’s time to play cross-crawl babies for a while. The purpose of this activity is improve coordination and activate the brain through vision and kinesthetic.

To do it, the child must move an opposite arm and leg to move forward, i.e. crawling like a baby. As the little one picks up the pace, variations can be made to include other senses. For example, play music to go forward and turn it off when you need to sit still.

3. Memory exercises to stimulate the child’s brain health

childhood memory
Stimulate children’s memory with games and repetitive activities.

Memory games are great fun to play as a family and besides, They help children work on that area of ​​thinking that is often overlookedas this demonstrates work carried out by researchers of the “Cordillera” Technological Institute.

4. riddles

Puzzles help children create a total composition based on piecesbecause logic and concentration are encouraged, as this proves study conducted by professionals from the César Vallejo University.

In this sense, increase the number of pieces depending on your child’s progress; Remember that the ages recommended by the manufacturers are purely indicative.

5. Sudoku

Older children can do Sudokus, although they will need help at first. These exercises are useful for promoting concentration, logical thinking and attention.

6. Painting to stimulate the child’s brain health

Stimulate baby's brain health
Painting encourages creativity and the expression of emotions.

Read a story with your child and then have them paint or draw a picture about it.. This way you will help them work on creativity, memory, understanding and expression of emotions.

7. Musical activities

Learning to play an instrument is a recommended activity to stimulate brain health of child. For example, playing the piano involves understanding the notes being read, deciphering them, and transferring them to the hands, which must coordinate movements correctly for the melody to sound right, like this article published in the magazine Neurology.

8. Play with clay

Playdough is a good option to stimulate fine motor skills while working on hand-eye coordination. You can play with your child to create all kinds of animals and even associate the game with a story you have read to also work on understanding and representation.

More tips to stimulate your child’s brain health

Children with sports balls
Sports and social skills are vital aspects of a child’s brain health.

Mental gymnastics isn’t the only way to boost a child’s brain health. Indeed, it is extremely important to take these recommendations into account:

  1. Talk to your kids, even when they’re just born: Exposure to language from an early age helps them develop understanding as they internalize the mother tongue and its cultural components.
  2. Avoid prolonged exposure to stress.
  3. read to your children: Like conversation, reading aloud is essential for stimulating the development of language and social skills.
  4. watch your children: Eye contact helps them develop emotional relationships and learn social behaviors.
  5. hug your little ones: Physical contact is essential for emotional and social development.
  6. Promote sport in your children’s life: Outdoor activities help them work on their emotions, motor skills and social skills.

Decidedly, If you are interested in stimulating your child’s brain health, but are in doubt, consult a specialist. He will surely be able to recommend other personalized options to work on your little one’s mental abilities.

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