13 best sex positions for small penises

There are sex positions for small penises, which They help to experience immense pleasure as a couple and have fantastic orgasms. Checking once the statement that size doesn’t matter, but how it’s used.

So whatever the size of the male organ, it is possible to have intimate encounters full of eroticism. The key is to maintain an open attitude and encourage yourself to experiment.

And is that when it comes to enjoying sex, imagination can be much more helpful and effective in bed with respect to each other’s physical characteristics, including the size of the man’s penis.

What does it mean to have a small penis?

I agree with you Education, the average penis is about 13 centimeters long when erect, measured from the pubic bone to the tip. Now, this measure is what is known in statistics as the median.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is that 90% of penises are between 10 and 16 centimeters. Below that value, it could be said to be small. So chances are your partner’s is more normal than you think.

Now, there are fears in some people about it; even if many times it is more belief than reality. That means, you can have a normal size and still think it’s notproducing what is known as small complex of the penis.

People in this situation can be affected in their life and sexual functioning. However, here is some news that will shock you: most women don’t care about size.

Ideal sex positions for small penises

So that, You can have a sex life and have a lot of fun, as long as you know what to do and how to stimulate our partner. So be careful.

All these positions we will look at later they are useful for deeper and more direct penetration. Therefore, the small penis has a better chance of reaching inside the vagina and causing feelings of insanity.

Couple kissing in bed

1. The Bandit

In this case the woman is lying on her back on the bed, raising her hips and keeping her legs bent. Beside her, her partner kneels in front of her and supports his girlfriend’s lower extremities against her chest. Here, the contact of the genitals has no obstacles and the rest depends on your movements.

2. The offer

To do this, they start as in the classic missionary. Then, he will cross one of his legs to the side and lean his body in the same direction. Then the high-busted gentleman initiates intercourse and masters the strength and pace.

You can also make variations by lying on top of the woman to kiss her breasts. this position allows the male member to enter by touching the vaginal walls. In addition to having the ability to go further, touch helps sensations.

3. The puppy (and its variations)

A queen among the sex positions for small penises It’s the famous dog pose. While some still feel a little embarrassed about asking their girlfriends to get on all fours, this position is erotic and very passionate.

In addition, it is highly recommended to stimulate the depths of the vagina and it is one of the favourites of the population. Any couple who try it will certainly want to repeat this pleasure. The theme is to forget the taboos that surround it to be happy with sexuality.

Moreover, You can try different variations of this position. which will increase the pleasure. For example, in the “deep dog” the woman must rest her face on the mattress and arch her back; This position will greatly increase the sensation of pleasure, as the penetration is deeper.

Instead, in the “big dog” position, the woman resting on her knees and hands raises her bust trying to bring it closer to the man’s. This small change will change the whole experience.

4. The inverted stroke

Sometimes, It is very good that the girl takes charge of the situation and begins to lead the wheel. In this sense, the girl should sit on top of the penis and offer her back to her partner’s face.

This is the opportunity to move and sway to feel the whole being within her. While she does this, you can lean forward as she stimulates your anus. Orgasm is guaranteed and regardless of size.

5. The butterfly

With sex positions for small penises, the goal is to get an exact angle during intercourse. The butterfly allows you to fulfill this requirement, as well as invite you to have sex in other places in the house.

Because of this the couple must choose a piece of furniture that is stable to develop the scene. Then the woman lies down on top of her and with her arms along her sides lifts her pelvis.

Then, she swings her legs over the man’s shoulders and launches into the action. Then, her lover, standing in front of her, takes her thighs and that’s it; They already have everything ready for the best sex session.

6. The spoon or spoon

best sex positions for small penises

Some women have it as one of their favorites, because they consider it romantic and supportive. It’s done like this: both sideways, facing the same direction, they put themselves in the fetal position and penetration is easy.

The way the legs are positioned makes the vaginal canal appear narrower. This is extremely beneficial to humans, since it gives the sensation that the penis feels bigger.

7. The lotus flower

with this location both are extremely close, with their whole body. The gentleman sits cross-legged on the bed or on the floor and she will stand on top of him, encircling him with her legs and arms.

Coitus is pleasant and they can manage the pace and intensity by making any changes they want. In addition, they can be stimulated through sight, touch, touch and taste – kissing a lot.

8. The mortar

In this case try to make circular movements of penetration which increase friction with the vaginal walls. To do this, the woman lies on her back, with her pelvis raised and her legs surrounding the man. This is placed on the woman, resting on her knees and hands, and she initiates her movements.

9. The sleeping mermaid

In this sex position, the man lies on his back with his knees bent and the woman lies between his legs. After reaching penetration, he must keep his legs closed and slide up and down the man’s torso. With this movement you get a pleasant stimulation of the clitoris.

10. Anal sex

In addition to traditional vaginal sex, those with a small penis can take advantage of other types of practices that can be very satisfying. For example, anal sex can become easier and less painful, offering great pleasure for both.

11. Oral sex

Oral sex is also facilitated when the man has a small penis, as it fits completely in the woman’s mouth, which can add extra fun to the encounter.

During the practice, the woman can use a sex toy to stimulate herself. Or she uses your hand if you like. They can also do the classic 69 position.

12. Sex without penetration

There are various sex positions without penetration, which it can stimulate the genitals, providing an alternative for everyonewhatever the size. In this order of ideas, they can be experimented with some modalities such as the “false act”.

In it, the woman lies on the bed with her legs raised and bent and the man stands in the centre. Instead of proceeding to penetrate, the goal is to touch the clitoris with the penis.

You can also do other things, like missionary variations, but with your clothes, playing smear. It can give life to fantastic sensations, especially if done in risky moments and situations.

13. Sex toys

Also tools can be used, as sex toys to achieve orgasm. With these, the man can help the woman reach an intense orgasm, while he penetrates her anally, for example, and she is stimulated with some device.

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As you will have seen, men who have small penises may have a big trick up their sleeve: Some alternatives, such as anal sex, favor them.

With the sex positions for small penises it is therefore possible to enjoy the sex and achieve fantastic orgasms. with your mate, start exploring the various possibilities offered by sex.

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