14 tips to give volume to fine hair

Hair density is a headache that affects more than one person. Sprays, texturizers and mousses aren’t the only way to add volume to fine hair. Some solutions are in combing, washing and coloring techniques.

But why are there such thin hairs? Thin strands aren’t always due to genetics. Sometimes, the lack of nutrients is linked to the appearance and growth of the hair.

A publication of Professional Pharmacy magazine settles the need to take care of hair by consuming zinc, folic acid, sulfur amino acids, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and magnesium. In the same order, the American Association of Retired Persons list among other foods beneficial for hair, eggs, salmon, carrots, avocados and oysters.

Methods to increase the volume of fine hair

It is true that fine hair has its advantages: it’s silky smooth, doesn’t need a lot of product to wash or paint, and takes less time in the dryer. However, it takes a while for a short hair to take shape.

1. Wear a layered cut

The scaled or layered cut is a wild card for adding volume to fine hair. With average height or hair above the shoulder you create the illusion of abundance. Conversely, the extreme length reduces movement and bulk.

Risky cuts help. Trends pixie cut AND Bob neutralize low volume. Seek advice from a stylist to find out which of these styles suit your face shape.

2. Wave or curl

A quick boost for fine hair is waving or curling, either with your hands and spraying hairspray or holding up with tongs for more defined waves.

Curlers to give volume to fine hair.
Try curling your hair for more volume if you notice that the strands are too fine.

3. Try out color techniques

Changing your hair color is a strategy that makes you look full. In dark tones, use highlights or light highlights, known as balayage OR Californian. They give consistency and sensation of greater quantity because they lower the contrast between the hair and the scalp.

4. Dry inside out

When you dry your hair upside down and hold it in that position until it cools, the effect spreads. The key is to get your head up right away and then comb the bangs.

5. Wear masks

Masks are effective for strands to gain strength, shine and body. A prescription? Beat an egg, add a spoonful of mayonnaise and spread on damp hair. Wait 15 minutes to wash off with cold water.

6. Play with hairstyles

Hairstyles like braids, slightly gathered and with low ponytails give air to the hair. In the case of the weave, leaving some high locks loose you get volume. For the half crop, make sure no areas are licked. Leave the braids a little loose.

7. Condition the extremities only

The balm from the roots it tends to cause sebum and oily hair doesn’t look abundant. Apply this product to the ends only.

8. Massage the scalp

The increased blood flow during scalp massages stimulates hair follicles and promotes growth. More hair, more volume.

9. Use of natural remedies

Certain herbs and spices have qualities to strengthen, smooth, polish and thicken hair. Rosemary, cinnamon, nettle, calendula, ginseng, mint and aloe vera are some.

10. Dare to slam

If the bangs start from the top of the head, it looks more voluminous. Also, the focus will be on your face and not the thin ends.

11. Apply dry shampoo

Dry shampoo not only hides the oil but is also good for gaining some volume. Separate the atomizer about 30 centimeters from the head and press.

A minute later, rub your hair in a circle, side to side, covering it with a towel. She passes a bristle comb and highlights the new shape of the hair.

12. Sleep with braids

Leaving a braid all night It’s a way to become natural waves and get the desired volume of fine hair. At dawn you will notice the change in yours I wait.

13. Install extensions

If you have already tried several methods, but none of them suit your taste, try natural hair extensions. Each thread is installed with special resin OR clip small for easy on and off. Leave this job to a professional.

Hair extensions.
Extensions are an artificial way to add volume. Do it with a certified stylist.

14. Use styling products

There are finishing products that change the density of the hair. Volume spray, waving spray and mousse are some examples.

The first goes directly to the hair, drying it upside down and then with cold air. The second is applied from the support to the tips and dries at medium power or with a diffuser. The third is on almost dry hair and massaged from the roots.

When to seek professional help for lack of volume in fine hair?

Although not always, thinning hair can be caused by medical circumstances, such as alopecia. The Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology highlights that there are more than 100 variants of this disease, generated by hormonal, genetic, autoimmune, pharmacological, stress and other factors.

On the other hand, there are situations that play against the voluminous look you want for your hair. Ultimately, don’t opt ​​for polished updos that flatten your hair. Don’t even open a row in the middle. You’ll look best if you zigzag it, to one side, or skip it.

As for the products, Check carefully that they are formulated for fine hair. If nothing works, then it’s time for a consultation.

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