2 different ways to make bracelets with colored threads

Learn how to make these beautiful bracelets with colorful threads and you will not only spend a pleasant time making crafts and bringing out the creative part inside you, but also you can show off your creations or make original and personalized gifts.

With few materials and at the same time very cheap you can spend fun moments making objects that you would never have imagined were so simple to make. OHConnect with that artistic streak you didn’t even know you had!

Because of this, You can be inspired by various themes such as love, friendship or the combination of shapes and colors. You can improve yourself more each time.

To start with, we’ll show you the easiest mode, gradually increasing the difficulty. Next, we show you the 2 types of handles you can make with your favorite colored threads.


1. Macrame handles

It’s an ideal way to get started with handles, as its steps are simple and repetitive. The result is beautiful and very clean, even if you’ve never done one before. These bracelets are also called flat knot or square.

Keep in mind that you can use the same color or combine it with two different colors, which is recommended for identifying threads.


  • Waxed thread 260 cm. of the same color. If you want the colors: 60 cm of one color and 200 cm of another.
  • Scissors.
  • Govern.
  • Rigid board.
  • Clips to hold.
  • painter’s tape

As did?

  • Take a thread and cut 60 cm.
  • Cut another 200cm strip.
  • Fold the two strips in half. You will have a ring in the middle of each one.
  • Join the two rings and tie a knot. Leave the rings 1 cm.
  • Secure the wires to the board with the clamp so that the loops are inside the clamp.
  • Next, place the long strands on the outside and the short ones on the inside.
  • Secure the shorts with painter’s tape.
  • Take the thread from the left side and pass it to the right side, leaving the shape of the letter “C” on that same side.
  • Next, take the end of the thread that is on the right side and pass it under the ones you attached and inside the letter “C”.
  • Pull tightly to form a knot.
  • Do the same with the yarn that was left on the right side.
  • Follow the procedure once per side.
  • When you have 15cm of bracelet, tie a knot and cut off the excess.
Colored thread bracelets.

2. Name bracelets

If you want to make a personalized and original gift, this craft is for you. With just two colors of waxed thread and following these steps you can have bracelets with the name of your choice. These are handles to give to the people you value the most.


  • Squared sheet.
  • Marker.
  • Govern.
  • Acetate, 1 strip of 10 cm by 1 cm. In this size you will fit 9 letters.
  • Scissors.
  • Thread of two different colors. You will need 6 x 30cm strips of one color and 1 meter of the other.
  • Butterfly pliers or a flat-pointed object.

As did?

  • On the grid sheet, write the name you want for your handle. Use 6 grids for 6 grids for each letter. This will serve as a guide.
  • Next, take the 6 strips of yarn and place them on the acetate so they are well supported and not on top of each other.
  • Then use the yarn of the other color. Place the tip on the back of the acetate diagonally.
  • Then, with your right hand, hold both the front and back strands.
  • With your left hand, circle the acetate 8 times. This way both the back thread and the front 6 will be fixed. Keep in mind that the rows must leave the threads attached, but without any overlapping on each other.


  • Then take the guide made on the graph paper. Each row of the vertical guide will indicate the number of turns you will give with the thread in motion. The horizontal ones will be the 6 threads found at the base of the acetate.
  • To form the letters leave movable wire where the grids are painted and base wire where they are empty.
  • For example, for the letter “I”, pass the entire base thread to the left.
  • With the movable thread, make 2 turns, which will be the 6 vertical grids and the 2 horizontal ones painted on the guide.
  • Reposition the 6 rows of thread and turn the mobile thread twice, which will be the separations between letters.
  • At the end of the name give 8 rounds as at the beginning.
  • Cut the movable wire so that there is an excess of 1cm.
  • Take it to the back of the acetate and with a butterfly clip put it inside. This way it will be fixed and hidden.
  • Cut off the excess plastic.

Now you have where to start! If you commit and win, You will see how very soon the time you spend making them decreases significantly.

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