24 perfect names for your baby

When it comes time to decide what the baby will be named, there are many factors at play.. Family tradition, what’s trendy, religious beliefs, mythological references or literary tastes will all be part of the list of perfect names for your baby boy.

By this, what we mean is that each parent group will have its own list. This installment is meant to help you refine your list of perfect names for your baby. First, we’ll leave you with some considerations to take into account when selecting your little one’s name.

How to choose the name for your baby?

Avoid putting the name that is trendy

Common names become fashionable, names of protagonists of television series or famous characters. However, choosing them for the future baby is not always a good idea. If you are one of the people who like to stay on top of the wave, you will surely want the first name of your child is a trend.

Choosing a name for your baby
The initial temptation is to choose names that are in vogue. However, they may not be the best option.

But think about the following: since you have chosen such a popular name that many like, your child is likely to be in a class where three or four classmates have the same name. Does it look attractive to you?

Avoid spelling names

In many Spanish-speaking countries it is very common to create names from the combination of the mother’s and father’s names. Moreover, HeThe results are usually disastrous.

The “originality” of the name created by mom and dad punishes children for bearing names they cannot pronouncethat nobody knows how to write, that they have to explain their whole life and that make them the object of ridicule or bullying when they get to school.

Agree with your partner

Avoid many relatives or friends having an opinion. More likely, the different opinions sow more doubts in the landscape. AS, Agree which names you can use and which you can’t.

If you can’t include the former partners’ names, fine. If you consider that he won’t be named after his maternal grandmother or paternal grandfather, fine. But decide for yourself.

Avoid repeating the same names within the family

The unconscious is marked by genealogical tree. All families have their dark side. Using the name of the father or grandfather or of a more distant relative carries with it all its existential weight. So, it’s better not to follow the family tradition. We do not consider the latter among the perfect names for your baby boy.

Free your children from carrying the disabilities and pathologies of the family. Those names are a thing of the past. Not that changing the name will automatically release him from the burden, but give him a name that inspires him to choose his own destiny.

Take care of the meaning of the name

Just as we bring the family tree into the unconscious, so it is wise to select a name with an inspiring meaning for your child.

meaning of baby names
The meaning of the names is also something you should take care of. Some allude to a quality, value, place or feature.

Just like you won’t use names like Judas or Hitler, make sure that the meaning of your child’s name is an extra value for the little one, not a burden that embarrasses him among his companions or marks a fate that does not belong to him.

hear how it sounds

Your child will have a first and last name. When you have a small selection of the perfect names for your baby, put them together with your last names and listen to what that sounds like. Do they combine well? Do you like it?

There will be names that you will particularly like. But if it sounds awful when you put it next to last names, then you already know it’s best to throw it away. From the selection of the name, you help shape your child’s self-esteem.

Perfect names for your baby

Next, we present 12 names for boys and 12 names for girls so that you can choose the one you like best for our future baby.

12 names for boys

  • Hadrian: name of Latin origin which means ‘he who comes from the sea’.
  • Helper: of Basque origin; means ‘he who is the first patriarch’ or ‘he who belongs to the fertile land’.
  • Bruno: name of Germanic origin meaning ‘shield’ or ‘armor’.
  • Diego: of Latin origin, didacusmeaning ‘master’.
  • dylan: name of Anglo-Saxon origin which means ‘son of the sea’ and ‘the impetuous man’.
  • gael: name of Breton origin meaning ‘Generous Lord’.
  • Ian: is the Breton equivalent of Juan. It comes from Hebrew and means “He who was given by the Lord” or “Merciful God”.
  • Luca: comes from the Greek and means ‘bright, the one who shines’. Also in its Italian variant Luca.
  • Olivers: English name referring to ‘olive tree’, which symbolizes wisdom.
  • Sergius: from Latin sergeius. It means “the guardian man”.
  • samuel: name of Hebrew origin. Its meaning is “heard by God”.
  • Thiago, Thiago: of Jewish origin. Variant of Santiago, meaning ‘the one who changes’.

12 names for girls

  • April: of Latin origin from Aprilisname of the month of april.
  • Candle: of Latin origin. It means “one who enlightens”.
  • Charlotte: variant of Carla, of German origin, whose meaning is ‘brave’.
  • cloe: of Greek origin. Means “grass” or “green shoots”.
  • Emma: of Germanic origin and means ‘big’, ‘strong’, ‘immense’, ‘powerful’.
  • isabella: Italian form of the name Elisabetta, meaning ‘promise of God’, ‘who loves God’.
  • Jimena: from Hebrew Simeon. It means “one who listens”.
  • Giulia: of Latin origin. It means “consecrated to Jupiter”.
  • Lucy: from Latin lux. Its meaning is ‘she who brings light’ or ‘she who was born of light’.
  • Martina: Feminine form of Martin, of Latin origin. It means “consecrated or related to the god Mars”.
  • My: of Jewish origin, diminutive of Maria.
  • olive: of Latin origin. It means “he who protects the peace”.

In short, this list is a first idea to make your selection with the perfect names for your baby. Then, together with your partner, swerve until you reach the cue.

Imagine what it would be like to bear that name of your choice. Take a few days to reflect and decide which one is best. This will be your first blessing for your child. Thus, selecting the perfect name will mark the beginning of your relationship with the world and life.

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