3 tips for decorating a vintage-style living room

In recent years, dozens of ideas have been shared to furnish a living room in style Vintage. This interesting trend proposes using old decorative elements to create an environment of warmth and familiarity that makes us regret the past.

While some prefer the modern, many choose to visit antique shops to follow this pattern. Moreover, there are those who guard the relics of the grandmother and they don’t even need to invest money to make their decorations.

The style can be implemented anywhere in the home; however, the living room remains a favorite part. For this reason, Next we want to share some decoration tips Vintage what you might like. Do you dare to give another air to your living room?

what is style Vintage?

Many have heard of the style Vintage without having the slightest idea what it is. Well, we have to say It is a growing trend, whose main feature is the recreation of spaces and lifestyles of the past..

period living room

The term Vintage comes from the fusion of French vingt (‘twenty’) e age (‘years’), and initially it was used to refer to the 1920s-inspired style. However, today it is used to define, in general, all styles centered around decades such as the 70s, 60s and 50s.

As a decorative model, the Vintage aims to inspire nostalgia and sensitivity towards classical forms. In this, handmade pieces that were once considered art are valued.

Furthermore, with the meeting of different elements, it offers a romantic setting in which colors such as white, raw, gray and pastel tones are blended.

Some of the most used accessories to achieve this style are:

  • Furniture in wood and wrought iron.
  • Ancient chests of drawers.
  • Floral prints.
  • Pictures and watches.
  • Curtains and pillows.

The best ways to decorate an elegant living room Vintage

Considering what this style means and implies, we must pay close attention to the small details that allow us to recreate such an environment when decorating a room in style. Vintage.

Everyone can adapt it to their preferences, taking into account the elements that are at hand. However, in general, it is good to follow some recommendations.

1. Decorative elements


One of the most important aspects when decorating a stylish living room Vintage are the accessories and complementary elements. From these depends, to a large extent, that touch of romance and antiquity What are we trying to achieve.

Some prefer to buy parts Vintage original because they have a high economic value and are sometimes more aesthetic.

However, you can use any old itemgot it from a shop antiquesor, from that box of grandma’s memorabilia that’s usually at home.

The most important thing is that when placed and distributed throughout the room, they provide the desired air.

The suggested articles are:

  • The books of old editions with leather covers.
  • Copper chandeliers or objects in shades of brown and gold.
  • Photo frames and pictures.
  • An old bicycle decorated with flowers.
  • Dimly lit ceiling lights.
  • Mirrors decorated with flowers, small lights or worn wooden frames.
  • Coffee tables from the 40s or 50s.
  • Showcases instead of shelves.
  • Chester model sofas.
  • Logs of wood.
  • Rugs and cushions
  • vases with flowers
  • Any rustic and worn decoration.

2. Wall colors

There are some ideas for decorating the walls of an elegant living room Vintage brightly colored. However, most choose to go with neutral and pastel toneswhereas they are much more romantic.


The basic tone for the living room walls is almond white or off-white. In turn, shades in pastel colors or bright tones can be added.

One of the most important distinguishing features of this style are the prints. Because of this, the use of papers or fabrics with geometric or floral designs should not be excluded. If you prefer to leave the wall in a uniform tone, don’t hesitate to add these details through the paintings.

3. Accessories in the right size

Albeit with style Vintage the meeting of many antiquities is proposed, it is not advisable to abuse them. Saturating the spaces too much will prevent the room from leaving a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere. Although wooden furniture is very popular, and retro elements as well, the Vintage invites minimalism.

The decoration Vintage it’s a style that has gained a lot of traction in homes around the world. It’s an easy way to add more class and style to spaces in your home.

In addition, it is a surprising proposition to give old furniture another chance. How about?

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