3 tips to avoid straightener damage to your hair

Having healthy and manageable hair is of great importance in the image of every person. So much that, many women resort to using some tools with heat to improve their appearance. For this reason it is important to know how to avoid damage to the hair straightener.

It is no secret that these practices can cause more damage to hair than it seems at first glance. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to take care of it and promote its condition. Find out what they are, incorporate them into your routine and say goodbye to split ends and frizzy.

3 tips to avoid straightener damage to your hair

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For a long time, women have been using elements and components to improve the appearance of their hair, even regardless of how much their health suffers. For its part, iron is one of the most used artifacts, as it achieves a very pleasant effect when combing.

However, although great results are obtained compared to the image, It can also cause massive damage. on the wires. Indeed, a study published in Journal of Cosmetic Science Send that temperatures above 200°C can cause significant damage to the keratin of the hair.

It is a protein present in the skin, hair and nails which performs a protective, waterproofing and elastic function. Therefore, if you are one of the people who does not leave the house without using this device, take note of the following tips to avoid damage caused by the iron to your hair.

1. Protect your scalp

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Tip number one revolves around protecting your hair before using the straightener. This is important, as the heat given off by this tool is very strong, which can cause burns, dryness and a high probability of brittle strands.

To offset some of the damage, it is best to use a heat protectant. Works like a shield to protect hair from high temperatures. There are many products on the market with these benefits and most are suitable for all hair types. Find yours and use it before passing the iron.

2. Use a good quality iron

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Such as cosmetic products used for the face, Using a good iron is essential to avoid damage to your hair. Although there are many brands and styles on the market that promise different results, the truth is that, in this case, quality comes first.

For example, not all irons have the ability to adjust the temperature, so when buying, this is the first, if not the most important, point to consider. Also, to help shape the heat and distribute it evenly throughout your hair, it’s best to use ones with a ceramic coating.

On the other hand, if you don’t do the styling process at home but in a beauty center or hairdresser, it is advisable to also ask what kind of iron they will use. Even if it’s just for once, Using a poor quality one can burn your hair in seconds.

3. Detangle hair

How many people have not been stretched while ironing? If you are one of those who usually does it without untangling it well, you will understand perfectly what we are referring to. These jerks occur during the ironing process It is done abruptly or the hair is very tangled.

Beyond the pain that can be felt, it also generates great damage. The recommendation revolves around removing all knots before ironing to prevent the thread from breaking easily. This advice goes for any hair type, as pretty much everyone tends to get tangled.

Avoid iron damage to your hair, what else can you do?

We know that the use of hair straightening or styling tools is almost mandatory at the time of a special event or on a daily basis. These help to get a more manageable and nice looking mane. However, it is essential not to forget to apply the tips that we have detailed in the previous list to avoid damage caused by the straightener to your hair.

Apart from this, there are other practices you can carry out for this purpose. For example, waiting for the hair to dry, as well as use argan oil after straightening to restore shine and reduce frizzy. Furthermore, it is essential to regulate the temperature and not to exceed 190°C, to avoid burns. Don’t forget that hair health comes first.

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