3 ways to create a productive home business

The reasons for undertaking productive work from home are always very personal. Perhaps it is due to the lack of opportunities in the labor market or the need to adapt work to current circumstances. Whatever the case, it never hurts to know some ideas, tips and strategies to achieve productive and healthy work from home.

Today working from home can be related to the artisanal production of objects, tools, clothing or any other type of product. Or it can be related to specific services (such as mentoring, counseling, etc.) across various platforms and applications. The services offered and the companies on line are increasingly diverse, thanks (once again) to technology and globalization.

Advantages and disadvantages of working from home

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Making the decision to generate income from home is interesting and a challenge that is not without its pros and cons.

Some have already decided to start a home-based project. There are also those who see it as a wish. In any case, weighing up the pros and cons can help you anticipate problems and enjoy the solutions.


  • Traffic is avoided and smog.
  • There is a saving in terms of transportation, food, etc.
  • Greater autonomy. This can even help you manage time and be more productive.
  • You can increase productivity because THE multitasking.
  • Reduces stress in some aspects of everyday life.
  • Hours can be more flexible, which can help you better balance time spent at work and time spent in your personal life. It can also help you spend more time with family and take care of personal needs.


  • You tend to work too much.
  • The sedentary lifestyle can become more present and difficult to fight.
  • Not everyone will understand and respect the type of work that is done, and may even see it as easy and basically “nothing” done and on vacation most of the time.
  • If there are other people at home, it can be difficult for them to respect your working hours.
  • Interruptions and distractions can be more constant.
  • You don’t always have the right environment in terms of decor, lighting, etc.
  • It is common for self-questioning and stress to increase.
  • You lose some contact with the outside world.

Find a productive and healthy work style for each person

In order for the disadvantages not to outweigh the advantages, the first thing is to find the perfect working style. First of all, you need to define if what you want is Offer your brand or product, or look for a business that offers home business.

Moreover, the type of work can be virtual, handmade or it can be a service. Each person will know what it has to offer. This is a list of all sorts of options for working from home, so it’s impossible not to find one or more options to start tomorrow.

“Working from home or telecommuting is a method that can be both convenient and productive, if we know how to use it”

Marta Bermejo, psychologist

3 proposals for productive and healthy work from home

Computer use is one of the causes of dry eye.

remote work

It is known as remote work those created for third parties through online communication. Through a bank account or payment platforms such as Paypal. This type of work does not imply the absence of employment contracts and benefits, although the latter is not the most frequent.

if the work freelancing it is precarious, which is what happens most oftenthere will be no health insurance, no paid holidays, no commensurate salaries as established in the agreements. However, it could be a temporary boost to the unemployment crisis.


This challenge is greater, but, without a doubt, it can give many more benefits. mMany times with perfect products and proper advertising, it’s impossible to compete with large companies.

These companies not only own what they sell, They are also the ones who produce the raw material they need for their products. and they have all the tax rebates offered by the states in their favor.

For all these reasons, your business must be original. You need to know exactly what you are innovating and who you are targeting. Having clear the type of product or service and its irresistible point of interest, entering the market will be easier.

Teleworking needs a defined place at home.
For those who work from home, it is essential to have a specific space that serves as an office.

Services to third parties

For those who can offer lessons, coursescared for, without the need for a physical space, this option is more than viable. Many professors decide to take a break from the institutional environment and dedicate themselves to giving private lessons.

Among other occupations, Working taking care of children in your own home is also usually a viable resourceprovided that the conditions of safety and hygiene are provided.

Even in crisis situations, you also have to work from home. Moreover, get out of the traditional work cycle, generate productive and healthy work and being the boss yourself can be a more than enjoyable lifestyle.

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