4 correct stretching exercises

Stretching is also very common before and after training It is a rather applied technique in sports and physiotherapy.

Likewise, it is important that before stretching the muscles, they undergo a series of warm-ups, since Many people confuse warming up with stretching. and they are not the same.

First, the body needs to be warmed up, which consists of slightly increasing the heart rate with some cardiovascular exercises. Then, the muscles and joints are stretched to proceed with the workout.

Next, find out the 4 exercises more outstanding than a correct stretch.

Exercises for proper stretching

Stretch It has many benefits and this has been proven by scientific evidence.. Some of these are: improving joint range of motion, optimizing body posture, developing sports physical activity levels and preventing muscle injuries, as has been exhibited by a research activity in 2006.

it extends should be performed before starting the exercise and at the end. In this way contractures or injuries are avoided and the recovery of the muscles is adequately promoted. With cramping or soreness, you may not stretch well for every activity. Now let’s see the exercises for effective stretching:

1. Slow exercises

stretch your neck

Sometimes, as fast as you can be, sudden and rapid strokes are madeespecially if the exercises are over and you have to go home or eat something.

This can be counterproductive. You have to be very careful when doing the exercises. Not only so as not to harm the body, but also to have the desired effect.

Because of this, the following must be taken into account:

  • The more still you are during the stretch, the better.
  • Stretch as slowly as possible.

For example, when you sharply stretch your neck, you can injure a ligament and experience severe pain, even by adding tension, which It can lead to a contracture.

2. Exercises that pull the muscle

One of the correct stretching exercises is make the muscle pull. For example, when stretching the quadriceps, the leg is bent back and the foot is caught until the stretch is reached.

If you don’t see this stretch in your quadriceps to the max, it may not be the correct form. You have to notice that it pulls the muscle. How can it be done?:

  • Attempt add difficulty to the exercise. For example, opt for the yoga dancer posture in which you will try to lift your leg as high as possible. There the quads should respond.
  • Another example is kneeling on the ground and dropping your body backwards. This is how both legs are worked and the intensity will increase as you go down.

3. The importance of including the breath

triceps stretch

Another of the correct stretching exercises is a adequate controlled breathing. This is believed to be only for yoga, meditation and pilates activities, but it is also important for stretching.

Stretching has a much more effective effect when you breathe in a controlled and conscious way. Moreover, it has health benefits as expressed by experts in a 2018 investigation.

As air is inhaled, the muscles relax, lengthen and contract. Also, pressure is added to the stretch. How to make it?:

  • For example, when you stretch your arm triceps, bend behind your head and take a deep breath.
  • Do it slowly and continue with inspiration, while tension is added by hand.
  • Once the stroke is complete, the air is slowly released as the pressure is released.
  • The arm returns to the starting position. The breath helps relax the muscle and promotes stretching.

4. Time in the stretching exercise

The last of the correct stretching exercises This is the time that is usually not counted every time a stretch is performed. Sometimes you don’t pay attention and only stretch for a few seconds.

it extends should be held for an average of 30 seconds. Even if it costs, it will benefit in the long run. Over time, the body gains more flexibility.

Don’t underestimate the quality of the line

Underestimating the quality of stretching can lead to not seeing results, such as lack of flexibility, injuries and contractures. Therefore, following the above exercises for proper stretching is very important.

Moreover, all parts of the body should be stretched. From the legs, core (back) and upper body (arms and neck).

It doesn’t matter how tired the body is, or how rushed you are. A quality stretch will pay off over the weeks.

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