4 herbal remedies to cure a swollen belly

Abdominal distension is often accompanied by pain and discomfort. The person suffering from it does not know what is the cause that causes this problem. For this reason, today we will discover 4 herbal remedies to cure a swollen belly.

Intolerance to any food or component (for example gluten) can be one of the causes of a swollen belly. Likewise, eating large meals, chewing food with your mouth open (makes you swallow a lot of air) or drinking carbonated drinks can also be a cause of bloating.

Herbal remedies to cure swollen belly

Before learning how to treat a bloated belly, it’s important to know what could be causing it. One cause is excess gas, especially after meals. And it is that large meals require extra effort from the stomach, stretching digestion and causing stomach upset.

Generally, to treat a swollen belly, various drugs are usually used (mainly chewable tablets) that allow us to reduce inflammation and feel better. However, there are much more natural options.

1. Chamomile

Chamomile infusion
Chamomile is one of the popular plants when it comes to digestive ailments.

Chamomile is a great herbal remedy to treat a swollen belly. In fact, like the item published by Mexican journal of agricultural sciencesit is ideal for treating any stomach problem.

For example, If we have had a large meal, consuming a chamomile will help us speed up digestion to feel better. She is advised to take it, especially at night. Well, in addition to treating a swollen belly and preventing it, it promotes good rest.

Recommendation for a swollen belly

Although we can treat bloated belly with these herbal solutions, If this problem occurs to us frequently enough, it is necessary that we discuss it with a trusted doctor.. The reason is that perhaps the solution is to remove the food that is causing this reaction in the body.

Currently, the number of people who have some kind of intolerance has increased a lotso you must be aware of the possibility that this is the cause of the bloated belly.

woman with abdominal pain
On many occasions, intolerance to certain foods or certain habits can play a role in triggering abdominal distension.

Furthermore, It is necessary to improve habits when consuming food. Eating slowly and without haste (better sitting down), chewing every food very well and not consuming more food than what the body needs are aspects that it is important to take into consideration.

Do you usually suffer from abdominal distension after meals? Isn’t it always due to large meals? We hope this article has allowed you to learn about different infusions that will help you feel better if you suffer from a bloated stomach.

Likewise, we encourage you that if this It is a frequent problem or you suspect that you have an intolerance to some foods, consult your doctor. That way, you won’t have to resort to these remedies as much to feel better.

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