4 ideas for making a homemade incense holder

Incense is the result of mixing the natural, rubbery, oily and perfumed secretion generated by some plants (resin) with some aromatic oils of vegetable or animal origin. With these and other ingredients, together with a homemade incense holder, your house will be filled with a pleasant smoke.

Its use in the home has become a widespread practice. In order not to cause accidents during use, an incense holder is required. This tool will help keep the burning wand steady and upright.

1. Homemade incense holder with magnolia leaves

These large oval leaves are a good base for your joss stick. To implement this ecological option you will not need much: some magnolia leaves that are a few hours old, fine point brushes, varnishes or gel pens.

Select a magnolia leaf that is in good condition and proceed to decorate it with designs and colors of your choice. You can write messages or words, such as peace OR relaxation.

Keep in mind that the idea is to customize on the concave side so that the ashes of the incense fall into it. Wait long enough for the paint to dry and poke a hole in the taller end with the incense tip.

2. Use tree branches

Try to get a branch about 25 centimeters long that is no more than 10 centimeters thick. Now make a clean cut that goes through the center of the branch from end to end. By then you will have two potential homemade incense holders. The flat side faces up, while the curved side will act as a base.

Then, with a small drill bit or similarly sized nail, drill in the center or near one of the edges. This hole is where you will fix the joss stick.

You can dig a small trench on the flat side serve as a repository for ashes. Try personalizing your incense holder with paint or a painting spray the color you prefer.

Burning incense.
Incense sticks are made from different substances. Each has a particular use and application.

3. Homemade incense holder from old CDs

To develop this idea you’ll need clay to shape a sunflower, moon, or whatever figure you like. Then, with the clay still fresh, you have to insert the wooden end of the incense to open several holes.

Once you have finished your design, proceed to firing the piece in the oven to make it rigid, without the risk of warping. With the help of cold silicone glue the craft in the center of the CD. To prevent your homemade incense holder from scratching any surface, cut a piece of felt the size of the disc and glue it to the opposite side of the relief.

Keep in mind that the best thing about making crafts is being able to design them to your liking. You can decorate and paint your new incense holder however you like. One of the benefits of this design is that you can use multiple wands at the same time.

4. Get out of the safe and try the pre-accelerated resin

It may seem a little intimidating, but it’s actually an easy material to use and doesn’t require much skill. Just make sure you have the following on hand:

  • 1 dropper.
  • Edible oil.
  • Pre-accelerated resin.
  • Transparent glue.
  • Pigment of your choice.
  • 1 piece of cotton cloth.
  • 1% resin catalyst.
  • 1 mold of the design you like.
  • Bowl and stick for mixing.
  • Ceramic spheres with a hole the size of incense.

Step by step

Let’s do it! Take the mold and brush it with a little cooking oil. Remove the excess with a clean cloth, pour the resin you deem necessary into the container and place the container in warm water.

Of course, be careful that the resin does not come into contact with water, otherwise it will harden. The hot water will help reduce the air bubbles in the product.

after 5 minutes remove the container and leave the resin at room temperature. Add the pigment. With the help of the stick mix until the color becomes uniform. At that point add the catalyst (for every 100 grams of resin, 40 drops). Stir, pour into the mold and leave to rest for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Drape your craft onto a clean cloth or smooth surface. With the help of the glue, fix the ceramic pearl on the resin, making sure that the hole is facing upwards. After it dries, you can use your homemade incense holder.

Recommendations for lighting incense

One of the most convenient incense presentations to use is the wand. Due to its versatility in aromas, it is the most purchased. To turn it on you just have to take it by the wooden end, although there are models where the rod is covered from one end to the other, in which case you hold it by any of its ends.

With the help of a lit match, light the wand and watch how the incense powder changes color. Remove it from the fire and place it in an incense holder to burn.

But there is also grain incense. So let’s see some advice if you lean towards this variety.

If you choose to use charcoal to light the incense

Get a container that tolerates high temperatures. You can use a container you have available at homeas long as it is made of resistant material, such as mud or the metal. Take care that your choice has handles or make some yourself.

Grab the charcoal pellet with the metal tongs and proceed to light it. Most of these coals come with gunpowder, but if you have trouble lighting a few drops of kerosene can be added.

Once it is burning, put it back in the container and pour some grains of incense on it. Then fan them with the help of a card. As the incense burns, you can add more.

Incense sticks.
Incense sticks are the most widely used commercial presentation, but there are also grains.

If you decide to exclude the use of coal

Because of this you will need to buy an essential oil burner or an electric burner and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also opt for a more traditional way, than the oil burner. For lighting, use an oil with a neutral aroma and then add a few grains of incense.

At this point, place a lit candle in the lower area of ​​the stove. As the oil heats up, the incense will release its fragrance.

Homemade Incense Holder – An inexpensive and easy way to spice up your home

The quality of the product you choose is important. The more natural, the fewer added components it should have, unlike synthetic rods.

Please note that incense made in Japan, Nepal and the Tibet They tend to be the best on the market. Sometimes investing a little extra money pays off. The scent is up to you, although the most popular are lavender and sandalwood.

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