4 tips for healthy weight loss after 30

After turning 30, Reaching and maintaining your ideal weight is starting to get harder, as the metabolism begins to change and reaching the goal requires more effort. However, by changing some habits and following a good diet, you will surely be able to look in the mirror and smile again. Read on for 4 tips for healthy weight loss.

Before the age of 30, the metabolism runs at a faster rate, so losing weight is usually easier. On the other hand, when passing the third decade, it slows down and The body tends to accumulate more fat. Therefore, it is essential to improve the quality of food, exercise and plan for the long term instead of expecting miraculous results.

4 tips for healthy weight loss after 30

Losing weight is good for health.
Losing weight after 30 is possible if you change your eating and general habits.

Getting organized and changing your habits is not easy. And even less in this phase in which there are priorities of all kinds and times seem to be short. However, it is about putting yourself in order and establishing a routine in which to dedicate some time each day to taking care of your body and your health. Check out these 4 tips for losing weight the healthy way after 30+.

1. Lose weight little by little

It’s better to lose weight gradually. Losing weight and being able to keep it off requires commitment, as well as changing certain habits and being persevering. A lifestyle change that includes a adequate nutrition, exercise and good rest It will allow you to reach the goal little by little. For this, it is important to control your anxiety levels and not get discouraged.

In general, the so-called miracle diets which guarantee you to lose weight fast. Sometimes the goal is achieved as promised, but you can be exposed to serious health problems due to nutritional deficiencies. Also, the rebound effect may occur; that is to say that at the end of the diet you gain weight faster or faster than you lost it.

2. Maintain a balanced diet

It is important to carry out a special meal plan. The best thing is to be able to consult a nutritionist. Also, it is recommended that habits be instilled in all family members.

In addition to the benefits of good nutrition, it will be more difficult to fall into the temptation to eat what the other has or leaves behind. For example, if kids eat junk food and leave something on their plate, eating those leftovers will add fat and calories that are bad for your body. Check out some tips for healthy weight loss after 30:

  • Take waterfall: It is recommended to drink 2 liters a day, as it favors the correct functioning of the metabolism and helps burn fat.
  • Consume fiber and protein: vegetables, fruits and nuts are high in fiber. Chicken, salmon and other fish or lentils contain a good deal of protein. It is best to consult a nutritionist to develop a balanced meal plan.
  • Cut back on sugar and sweeteners: Sugar is present in many of the foods you eat on a daily basis, so there’s no need to add it.
  • Eliminate processed foods: Eating healthy and wholesome foods is the best option.

3. Exercise is the key to losing weight

Exercise to lower cholesterol.
Regular exercise is very beneficial for the body, as well as contributes to weight loss.

Aerobic exercises help you burn calories and lose weight. However, you have to organize your routine and include them to get the consistency you need. Furthermore, it is ideal that they are integrated with activities in which you work your muscles. If there is time and will, it’s a good option to go to the gym or do a workout under the supervision of a professional.

Some habits can even be changed. For example, walking short distances, riding a bicycle instead of getting in a car, or going up and down stairs instead of taking the elevator are activities that keep you moving and exercising your body.

  • Walk: brings multiple benefits. Among them, it helps in reducing fat. You can do it as an exercise routine or get used to walking.
  • Trot: going for a run, at least three times a week, would be ideal. Jogging for about 20 minutes the first few times is recommended, and as endurance improves, you can increase the time and frequency.
  • Dance: If you like dancing, losing weight can be fun too! Zumba, flamenco or jazz are some of the recommended options for burning calories. Or you can choose the dance that you like best. About three times a week would be a good workout to reach your ideal weight.
  • I swim: Swimming is one of the most complete exercises, as all muscles are stimulated and helps burn calories. As in all cases, to obtain results it is not a question of going to the pool once, but of being constant and accompanying exercise with a good diet.
  • Gym: Working your muscles allows you to increase muscle mass and improve your metabolism, burning energy and losing fat. The guidance and supervision of a professional is essential to work properly in the gym.

4. Resting well is very important

Sleep is essential to life in general. And it’s also for losing weight. It’s not just about the amount of sleep, but about the quality. Rest should be pleasant and restful. Generally, It is recommended to sleep between 7 and 8 hours to recharge your batteries and better face the next day.

Even if many believe it get some sleep It is better to lose weight, various studies have shown the opposite. Sleep restriction negatively affects metabolism and increases appetite. Furthermore, the excessive use of technologies, so ingrained in these times, favors a sedentary lifestyle, reduced rest and the need to eat more food.

Change your habits and reach your ideal weight

No doubt, Can you lose weight after 30. It all depends on making the decision, planning and organizing to achieve the proposed goal. In general, at this stage, the priorities tend to be work, family or study and the lack of time makes everything more difficult.

However, you should keep in mind that you can ask for help with childcare or household chores e take time to do a few exercises each day.

Also, consider that there is no ideal weight scheme, but that it depends on each person’s characteristics and goals. Finally, it is crucial not to get depressed or despair. You have to walk the path and give time to time. Making your life healthier, a little sooner or a little later, will pay off.

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