4 tips to relieve low back pain

Most adults have suffered from low back pain at least once in their life. This is nothing more than a pressure at the base of the spine, particularly in the area from the waist to the buttocks. Those who have suffered from this pain will appreciate knowing these tips for relieving low back pain.

This ailment is one of the most common in the world, surpassed only by the flu. Low back pain affects men and women equally.especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle or, on the contrary, exercise too much.

Possible causes of low back pain

Low back pain can appear for various reasons. Below we look at some of the possible causes so you can take them into account when discussing with your doctor about what may have been causing the discomfort you are experiencing.

According to the experts of MSD Manual: “most low back pain is caused by localized complaints in the spine and adjacent joints, muscles, ligaments and nerve roots, or by disorders of the intervertebral discs”.

Man with low back pain from lifting excess weight

lift excess weight

When a person exceeds his physical capacity when carrying weight, the muscles become overly tense and tend to produce intense pain in the lower back.

In young people, lower back injury results mainly from excess weight on the back caused by satchels, sitting incorrectly or maintaining incorrect postures for too long.

wrong moves

Low back pain caused by false movement tends to go away without the need for any treatment. The problem is that while they are fleeting, they have a major impact on the body the moment they occur.

spinal infection

Diseases such as discitis, osteomyelitis and abscesses can also be at the root of this disorder.


The malformation of the spine is known as scoliosis, in its dorsal, cervical or lumbar part. The disease can appear at any age, but their symptoms usually appear when they reach adulthood.


They also count as one type of malformation and usually cause lower back pain when they cause the discs of the lower vertebrae to move out of place. In these cases they can also compress the spinal nerves.

The professional solution to mitigate this ailment in extreme cases is surgery. Some people also turn to physical therapy, rehabilitation, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories to reduce pain.

Some treatments to relieve low back pain at home

It is worth noting that, in mild cases, the ailment can be mitigated with the exercises and home remedies that we present below.

1. Ball massage

Woman making bridge with support.
The bridge can be performed with or without support (rubber ball or cushion).

The procedure is simple. You just have to lie down on a flat surface and place a regular sized rubber ball – that fits in your fist – under your buttocks. Next, make slow, deep movements from side to side.

To work on multiple surfaces it is advisable to change position and, as the exercise progresses, position yourself more on one side. This massage is used to treat the buttock area, an area subject to constant tension due to postures, excessive sitting time and lack of physical condition.

with therapy Not only will you be able to relieve low back pain, but also other injuries such as trigger pointspyramidal syndrome or pelvitrochanteric muscles.

2. Lumbar self-massage with stick

  • The first thing you should do is get a stick long enough to span the width of your back. You can use that with your broom or mop.
  • Take the stick and slide it along the entire column, from top to bottomslowly and deeply.
  • Then concentrate all your strength on one side, from the inside out, and then move to the other side.

With this exercise you will relax your back muscles and thus be able to relieve low back pain. It serves as a treatment for lower back injuries.

Remember to perform the massage in a deep and intense way. The stick is used for the purpose of exert pressure that your hands cannot generate.

3. Foam massager

Girl using a foam massager after training.
He foam roller or the foam massager is a relief tool that provides relief.

To relieve general muscle tension and lower back pain, improve spinal alignment and posture, you can turn to an EVA foam massager. It is a roller-shaped tool that through its own movement and pressure allows you to obtain relief. it is generally used after training as a method of discharge, although in recent years it has positioned itself as a complement to therapies.

THE experts They also indicate that “specific exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and back (trunk muscles) help stabilize the spine and reduce the tension placed on the discs that cushion the spine and the ligaments that support it” . your position”.

Don’t stop going to the physical therapist

If you suffer from low back pain, it is best to consult a doctor and follow his instructions. Also, remember that you can apply both hot and cold compresses to relieve pain, while also trying to maintain good postural hygiene.

The help of physiotherapist it can be very convenient, as it can speed up healing and recovery with comprehensive treatment.

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