4 ways to make houses for your pet with recycled materials

Houses for your pet can be very easy to make and really cheap if you use recyclable materials.

The houses, called ‘cuchas’ in many countries, are used to protect your pet from the humidity of the ground and from the weather conditions if it sleeps outdoors.

Especially in cold and hot weather, it’s great for pets to have their own space to spend the nights or just to nap during the day.

Carlos Martinez, dog trainerrecommends that pets have their own space, where they feel safe, preventing them from occupying your spaces.

In addition to having very beautiful designs, which will make your pet feel very privileged to have such a home, there are also eco-friendly options for cats and dogs.

AS, You can take advantage of several items that are not expensive or that you have around the house to create a space for your beloved pet.

4 ways to make houses for your pet with recycled materialsways to make houses for your pet with recycled

In the following points, we will describe some ways to build beautiful houses for your pets. With them, in addition to feeling protected, the animals will feel the affection you have for them.

1. Pet house with an old monitor

Thanks to current technology, big screens with the box behind them have become completely obsolete. Don’t throw them away!

They can make excellent inns for small pets, especially adored by cats.

You just have to remove all the components inside and add a cushion for its owner to lie down on. Sure, you can add a blanket and decorate the outside with paint.

2. Old suitcases and chests, ideal for making beds

This alternative is more for indoor animals, but it undoubtedly works great.

It consists of reusing an old suitcase and storing the elements in it to form a bed.

You can add legs and you also need to make sure the lid is up all the time; Otherwise, your pet may be frightened or even hurt.

Also, inside it, you can paste ornaments with their name and photographs for decoration.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of old chests or trunks. This, on the other hand, can be useful for dogs or cats that sleep outdoors.

The only thing you have to do In addition to cleaning it and making sure its interior is ‘habitable’, it involves cutting the wood to make a small door on one of its sides.

So you will have a dog bed with a vintage touch and a lot of elegance.

3. Pet house with old tables

It often happens that, in the cellar or in another corner of the house, we leave that unattractive table that we never liked.

Why not make it a home for your beloved pet?

Similar to what we discussed with Trunk, You just have to make an opening in one side for the dog or cat to enter.

Also, it is recommended to remove the legs, if any. Therefore, it will be easier for you to get in and out without having to deal with the irregularities.

In the case of tables with drawers, you have already solved part of the problem; remove them and use the remaining space.

One of the main advantages of this way of making houses for your pet from recycled materials is that it is easy to paint and redecorate to your liking or that of the animal.

4. Pallets, essential when it comes to recycling

ways to make houses for your pet with recycled

Among the millions of uses we can find for them, Pallets can also be used to make houses for your pet from recycled materials.

It should be clarified, however, that this type of recycling is usually a little more difficult than the others; you will need some tools and also the help of someone with some strength to make it.

However, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful alternatives.

First you need to disassemble the planks of the pallet to be able to cut it in half; these parts will be the walls of the house. Be careful: you should only remove planks from pieces you won’t be using.

Cut the boards, join the two walls and complete the square.

The next step will be to cut the side walls diagonally and then place the roof. Naturally, the back wall will be lower than the front wall, in which you will draw and cut the door.

Finally, place a piece of conglomerate wood to form the roof of the brand new house.

By placing a protruding piece of wood as a support on its back, you will ensure that it does not fall over.

With these four tricks, your pet will be more than happy.

Making houses for your pet from recycled materials will be a decision that will leave you satisfied and your pet amazed. Without a doubt, you will also feel very lucky.

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