40 Amazing Medicinal Benefits Of Basil

Basil is famous for its aromatic qualities, which delight many cooks. With its powerful and characteristic smell, this plant is ideal for seasoning first courses, pizza, appetizers, salads, etc. However, its leaves hide a large number of healing virtues.

Discover in this article 40 extraordinary medicinal benefits of basil. We can consume it as a natural remedy to treat digestive, nervous or immune disorders, as well as as a beauty treatment or to lose weight.


fresh basil.

basil (Ocimum basilicum) is an aromatic, culinary and medicinal plant originating in some Asian countries such as India, Pakistan or Iran. It is grown in tropical lands and is very sensitive to cold. In different cultures all kinds of symbolic meanings, positive and negative, are attributed to it.

On a culinary level, basil is usually used, especially raw. In this way its aroma and appearance are maintained in their maximum splendour.

Basil in the kitchen

It combines very well with other fine herbs, such as thyme or rosemary. It can accompany all types of recipes: meat, fish, vegetables, creams, soups, cheeses, eggs, gazpachos, etc. Also, the famous pesto is made with basil.

It can be consumed with food or, if we want to carry out a complete treatment, based on supplements. We can find it in the form of capsules, tablets or extract, or we can prepare our infusions with the fresh or dried plant.

If we want to keep it, we must know that it can only be kept in the fridge for a few days. Is preferable store it in a boat with a pinch of salt and cover with olive oil. This way it will always be ready to eat.

Medicinal properties

Below we highlight the amazing 40 medicinal properties of basil, classified in different areas.

For the digestive system

To begin with, basil is an aromatic medicinal plant that promotes good digestion. It also prevents and calms some ailments:

  • Improve heavy digestions.
  • Avoid gas and flatulence.
  • Prevents bad breath.
  • Fight vomiting.
  • Stimulates the appetite.

for the nervous system

Below we highlight the properties of this medicinal plant to improve some of them Nervous system imbalances:

  • Strengthens the nervous system.
  • Its relaxing effects ease anxiety and stress.
  • Calms the nerves in the stomach.
  • Fight insomnia.
  • It can be useful for the treatment of mild depression.
  • Reduces physical and mental fatigue.

For the immune system


In addition, some properties of basil make it a a good remedy to raise the defenses:

  • Promotes the elimination of toxins and purifies the blood.
  • Prevents flu and colds thanks to its antimicrobial properties.
  • Reduces fever.
  • It has antifungal virtues to prevent the proliferation of fungi.
  • It is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • It soothes some pains, such as headaches, toothaches or menstruation.
  • Fight the cough.
  • Prevents intestinal parasites.
  • It is very effective in the treatment of respiratory tract diseases: pharyngitis, asthma, bronchitis, etc.
  • Finally, it relieves constipation.

To purify the body and lose weight

However, this plant is also detoxifying. Therefore, it cannot be missing in any purifying or healthy slimming diet:

  • It has diuretic properties that fight water retention.
  • It produces a satiating effect that helps us eat less without going hungry.
  • It is a good remedy to avoid the anxiety of overeating. That is, emotional hunger.
  • Helps eliminate kidney stones.
  • Its stimulating virtues allow us to overcome fatigue. Also, it helps increase our calorie expenditure.
  • Lastly, fight abdominal bloating.

beauty remedy

Basil to reduce acne.

Among its more unknown uses are the possibilities it offers to skin and hair:

  • Has antioxidant properties, thanks to which we prevent premature aging.
  • Fights hair loss and strengthens the hair structure.
  • Reduce acne.
  • Promotes good wound healing.
  • Whiten your teeth.

other properties

Finally, basil still surprises us with these healthy properties:

  • Improves circulation and cardiovascular health: In addition, it reduces the hypertension and high cholesterol levels.
  • Improve memory and mental abilities.
  • Regulates blood sugar and prevents diabetes and insulin resistance.
  • Increases the secretion of milk in lactating women.
  • Prevents dizziness.
  • Soothe mouth ulcers.
  • It is a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Improve vision.

Thanks to its 40 benefits, basil is a very healthy food that we should consume every day.

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