5 exercises for a patient with hypertension

It is recommended that a patient with hypertension try to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes practicing the exercise regularly, since helps both lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and also helps to achieve overall well-being.

However, because every person is different, before a hypertensive patient begins any particular exercise program, it is best to consult with their physician so that they can offer you all relevant guidelines and recommendations.

If you have high blood pressure and have already discussed with your doctor what type of exercise works best for you, then You may consider integrating the exercises we will discuss below into your routine.

What is Hypertension?

When the heart puts strain on the arteries, they carry blood to the different organs in the human body. This action is known as “blood pressure”.

The maximum pressure is obtained with each contraction of the heart and is called “systolic pressure”, while the minimum is received with each relaxation and is called “diastolic pressure”.

Hence, hypertension is the elevation of the levelsblood pressure increases on a continuous or prolonged basis.

Man measuring his blood pressure.

Benefits of sports practice in a patient with hypertension

Contrary to what one might think, it’s not bad or counterproductive to increase your heart rate when suffering from hypertension through exercise practice. Now what is the story behind this?

It is interesting to know that in 1989, after several studies, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Society of Hypertension recommended for the first time the execution of exercises in the non-pharmacological prevention of this condition. The results have been very positive and therefore this recommendation is maintained.

The experts of Spanish Heart Foundation claim that exercise is ideal in the treatment and prevention of hypertension. This is why lowers blood pressure levels, improves physical condition and at the same time reduces the risk of various health problems, such as cardiovascular disease.

The Spanish Society of Hypertension has published a study in which it indicates the reasons regular exercise is beneficial for patients:

  • Your physical condition will improve as will your mental health.
  • Progressively, patients will feel more animated and with more energy.
  • They will be able to maintain a good weight (depending on their BMI) and thus prevent problems such as overweight, obesity, as well as cholesterol and glucose problems.

How and what exercises to perform?

The key is that it be of moderate and constant intensity and under the consent of a specialist. People with high blood pressure who don’t have heart failure can perform moderate-effort exercises such as jogging at a good pace 3 or 4 days a week and at 20-25 minute intervals.

For people with high blood pressure exercises that include different muscle groups are effective rhythmic and aerobic in nature, for example: walking, dancing, running, swimming and cycling.

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Exercises that a patient with hypertension can perform

Couple running outdoors

1. Ride a bike

Cycling is an ideal exercise for resistance training. Blood pressure rises at the beginning of this practice, although it can drop to its lowest level in the long run. Therefore, it is helpful for a patient with hypertension.

In addition, this type of exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves metabolism and strengthens the immune system. On the other hand, it especially tones the muscles of the legs and back, avoiding overloading the joints.

2. Dance

Dancing is an activity that can be very beneficial to a patient with hypertension both physically and mentally. This is because it improves cardiovascular fitness and helps lower cholesterol levels. Moreover, reduces stress, which is usually one of the triggers of hypertension.

As was set forth in a study conducted by specialists of the AHT and Cardiovascular Risk Unit it has been shown that there are psychological factors (such as stress and anxiety, for example) that influence hypertension. Therefore, it is advisable to also take care of the mental health of a patient with hypertension.

3. Walk

The benefits of hiking for health are indisputable. It helps to free the mind and to release both physical and mental tensions and, at the same time, favors the consumption of calories, the increase in muscle tone and the maintenance of bone mass. Therefore, walking helps to increase people’s well-being in many respects.

4. Run

Walking or running for 30-60 minutes a day are physical exercises which are also highly recommended for a patient with hypertension because they help improve blood pressure levels. According to experts from the Spanish Heart Foundation, it would be advisable to practice them three to five times a week.

5. Swim

correct breathing while swimming

The Spanish Heart Foundation comment on this too swimming may be a recommended sport for a patient with hypertension, as in addition to improving physical condition, it helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. However, they warn:

Daily exercise is beneficial

As you saw, daily exercise is very beneficial to health. Even more so if combined with the practice of other good lifestyle habits and the doctor’s indications.

If you suffer from hypertension, choose the type of exercise that you like best or that catches your attention and start integrating it into your routine to start reaping its full benefits. Remember this too You can practice different types of exercise so that you don’t get bored.

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