5 exercises to do as a family and strengthen the union

Physical activity is essential in the daily routine of all people. Therefore, when you get bored at home on a weekend, you can take advantage of your time and enjoy the family exercises.

This way, if you have children, you can get them used to physical activity. Of course, you and your partner will benefit too, as a good exercise routine offers many health benefits, as reflected in a Publication on the Merck Manual website.

Similarly, performing exercise routines and creating a plan that includes the whole family can strengthen the bond between members much more. If you want to start putting this fabulous idea into practice, You will be interested in learning about the exercises to do with the family that we propose here.

Tips for working out with your family

Many times exercise is seen as very boring and it can be difficult to get the whole family excited about the idea. However, it is something very important to achieve since it can influence children’s relationship with sport and healthy lifestyle habitsas stated by A study published by Preventive medicine reports.

If this happens at home, we’ll give you some keys to get off on the right foot and spread the enthusiasm for an active and healthy life.

1. Don’t forget the children

Currently there are consoles that allow children to have fun while practicing. You can encourage the little ones with these tools. For example, if you are going for a run, using applications that allow you to earn points and track your progress can be a great option.

Technology is often viewed with suspicion. However, this can be an ally when used well, especially with children. Naturally, everything in its fair measure.

Family exercises promote unity and communication.
Including the little ones in the house is essential for having fun.

2. Share the moment

Exercise can be a rather intimate meeting time. For example, it’s a time when parents can approach their children and tell them how proud they are to exercise together. All of this it will cause the family to strengthen its ties.

Surely this connection will allow us to talk about other topics and share moments and emotions together that will remain forever in our memory.

3. Don’t forget the most playful person in the house

If you have a rambunctious little friend at home, take him outside for exercise. Dogs always need to stay active, and this can be an incentive for the whole family to go out and have fun with him.

Exercises to do as a family

Now that we know the benefits and some keys to increasing exercise motivation, it’s time to review some options. Choose your favorite and invite your family to make it.

1. Ride a bike

One of the best exercises to do as a family is horseback riding bicycle. Walking all together in the park, in addition to being a good exercise for the legs, will promote union.

Beyond its positive consequences for the muscles, cycling is highlighted by a study published by Scandinavian journal of medicine and science in sport as a method of promoting the physical well-being and general health of all populations.

A good option is to teach your children to ride a bike.. This trusting experience will make children see their parents as allies.

2. Skating

As in the previous case, this is an activity in which complicity is essential. Teaching your kids to skate can be a real challenge.as it represents an exercise that requires a lot of concentration and balance.

If you manage this routine well, you can design races together. Believe it or not, competition is sometimes a good way to encourage yourself to exercise.

What you should never forget is wearing the necessary clothing. Remember that everyone must wear a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and comfortable clothing in case of an accident.

Among the exercises to do with the family is skating.
Skating is an interesting and fun option, especially for children.

3. Dance

This activity can be done inside or outside the home and, in addition to being cheap and easy, it is very good for your health. According to a study published in the journal Home health care management and practiceits main advantages include:

  • Stimulation of flexibility.
  • Improved physical endurance.
  • Increased strength and muscle tone.
  • Improved perception of space and balance.
  • Stimulation of the feeling of well-being.

The idea is not to perform structured steps or choreography; it’s about doing as much as possible with your favorite music. Have fun and have fun with the family it is the most importantso pick a good seat in the house and start dancing!

4. Run

Running in a park is a great activity for everyone. Add your children to this plan and encourage them when they are tired, as well as tell them how well they have done. Change up routines every day to incorporate new things for a fun twist.

Note that It is a highly recommended type of exercise for children and young people.. In this sense the a study published in International journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity indicates that children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Furthermore, this investigation concludes that most of that exercise should consist of aerobic exercise, such as race. It is also recommended that at least 30 minutes a day is of vigorous physical activity.

More exercises to do as a family

You can also appeal to creativity and “making” activities with your family. There are thousands of ideas, and here are some of them:

  • You can create an obstacle course with boxes, wheels, ropes and all kinds of elements that you have at home
  • Another alternative is to create challenges that must be met as a penance.
  • A classic idea is to look for a lost item and offer a reward for finding it.

In short, remember that the important thing is to carry out an exercise routine and lead a more active family life. Playing sports together can help you communicate better and also be happier.

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