5 facial exercises to have a rejuvenated face

People usually exercise their body but don’t pay much attention to their face because they are generally not aware that there are facial exercises to help have a more rejuvenated face. They aim to reduce wrinkles and increase skin vitality.

For all these facial exercises to take effect, it is essential to put them into practice every two days with the support of a professional. Therefore, if they are acquired as a habit, the results will start to be seen within a matter of weeks. What are they and how are they made?

Facial exercises to have a rejuvenated face

As well explains a article published in 2014 by cosmetic surgery magazine, more studies are needed to support the findings of these practices. However, we present those activities that would help to have an apparently younger face as shown by some results.

1. Reduce double chin

The first of the facial exercises to have a rejuvenated face is aimed at reducing the double chin. This area tends to sag easily, which is why exercise is so important.

Facial exercises to have a rejuvenated face

To achieve this, follow the steps below:

  • Drop your head while you “kiss the air”. Hold the tension you will feel in the chin area for 7 seconds and then relax.
  • Moves the lower jaw forward, pushing the teeth further forward than the upper ones. He continues in this position for 5 seconds.
  • Without moving your body, move your head forward until you feel tension in the chin area. Hold this position for 6 seconds and relax.

2. Mark the cheekbones, one of the facial exercises to appear a rejuvenated face

The second of the facial exercises to have a rejuvenated face focuses on marking the cheekbones, as indicated by the “smile exercise” Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research.

In grandma’s day, they used to pinch their cheeks to give them a pop of color; but… Did they do anything to mark the cheekbones?

  • To mark the cheekbones there is an exercise that is done by smiling, or by filling the cheeks with air.
  • With your fingertips, gently tap the area for 10 seconds.
  • Then relax your face. Also, if you took in air, you will expel it right now.

3. Blurs bags under the eyes

Eye bags give a slightly inflamed appearance to the face. Unfortunately, removing or mitigating them is often a tedious task. However, in addition to using certain products, there is also an exercise to try to combat them.

  • With thumbs and forefingers, Outline the eyes following the shape of a pair of glasses.
  • Next, gently tighten the skin above and below the eye.
  • While the skin is in tension, flashes about 12 times.

4. Fight crow’s feet

As the following indicates article published by Journal of Dermatologic Surgery, Crows feet are one of the most classic enemies for both men and women. Along these lines, these facial exercises are believed to help delay their onset.

Facial exercises to have a rejuvenated face

To exercise this area, perform the following steps:

  • With palms facing up, press thumbs into crow’s feet. Then, lift the lower eyelid looking up and hold the position for about 5 seconds. After that time, pull the upper eyelid down. Hold another 5 seconds and relax the area.
  • With your right hand, raise your left eyebrow. Also, with your palm, press the area and perform the same exercises as above. First, lift the lower eyelid up and pull the upper one down.
  • Finally, press the area with your fingers and pull the skin back until the eyes are cut out. After that, close your eyes about 10 times and relax.

5. Reduce forehead wrinkles

The last of the facial exercises to have a rejuvenated face focuses on the forehead area, which is prone to wrinkles. In this line, what kind of exercise is done to try to mitigate them?

  • with open hands, place your palms over your eyes as your fingers touch your forehead.
  • Slightly press up, making eyebrows and eyelids taut.
  • Then, hold the position for about 10 seconds and relax the area.

What is clear is that performing this type of exercise helps accelerate the elasticity of the skin before surgery. This is proved by the following study published by Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. It is therefore not surprising that in a few years his total effectiveness in the field will become clear.

Patience in facial exercises to have a rejuvenated face

For these facial exercises to work, they must be practiced persistently.. If they are only done once every two weeks or twice a month, they will most likely be abandoned. Like the body, it takes routine and consistency to achieve your goals. While it is true that there are no studies confirming their effectiveness, by trying them you lose nothing.

Have you ever applied them? Do you know of other ways to train other parts of the face that we haven’t mentioned? We hope that the indicated exercises will help you and remember to consult a specialist if in doubt.

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