5 foods you shouldn’t give your kids for breakfast

Despite what everyone thinks, breakfast is not an essential meal. While it is true that children it can help them do well in schoolReplacing this breakfast with a mid-morning snack has the same effect. Here are 5 breakfast foods that are best avoided.

It must be clear that when preparing a good breakfast, it must be based on two aspects: hunger and satiety. However, in the case of children this is more unpredictable.

It must be taken into account that the child still keeps the feeling of satiety intact, so when he is no longer hungry he stops eating.

1. Processed juices for breakfast

citrus for breakfast

If consumed in excess, processed fruit juices can end up being harmful due to their preservatives and added sugars.

It’s a better idea to replace these processed juices with freshly squeezed juices; although it is always better to eat the whole fruit.

2. Sugary cereals

Both adults and children like sugary cereals, but they are not the healthiest solution.

Regard a type of food that has too much sugarso it is better to opt for other options.

Among the alternatives would be cereals with fiber or oats, with much more benefits, they are more nutritious. Oats can help you regulate your cholesterol among other things.

3. Sweetened cocoa powder or similar

Many babies can’t stand the taste of natural milk. That’s why there are alternatives to flavor this latte. These cocoa powder products usually have a large amount of added sugars which can, in the long run, lead to diseases such as diabetes.

For this it is better to use pure cocoa, with some sweetener like stevia at the beginning, to get the palate used to it. These pure cocoas, with no added sugar, are much healthier than your typical sugary options.

4. It’s not the best time of day to eat dairy products

Dairy products

Although it is very common to eat dairy products for breakfast, the truth is that it is not the best time of day to eat this type of product.

Milk-based drinks are not harmful to babies, but fasting its properties are not too effective.

  • Keep in mind that if we have an empty stomach, the milk bacteria (lactobacilli such as bifid bacteria) will come into contact with an acidic environment and end up dying in the stomach without reaching the intestine.

Therefore, it is best to take them half an hour after breakfast.

  • A good alternative to enjoy a complete breakfast is to opt for a good cranberry juice.

It contains the recommended daily dose of vitamins C, A, E and K and about one third of the daily dose of B vitamins. It is also a valuable source of trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

5. Products rich in carbohydrates

Products rich in fast carbohydrates, as it happens of the bread, cause an increase in blood sugar level and, therefore, that the pancreas works harder and produces more insulin.

As a consequence of a possible excess of insulin, you can end up packing more fat even as a kid.

Also, in the case of baked goods that contain yeast, especially warm buns; it ends up giving a direct consequence in our intestines: excessive gas production.

More recommendations

natural food for breakfast

When we think about what we give our children for breakfast, it is important to find a balance.

So, we have to take into consideration the rest of the food they will consume during the dayif they eat in school like they do at home.

In this way we will ensure that the food is as balanced and complete as possible in the end.

Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more nutritionists are designing menus for school cafeterias. These, in turn, incorporate suggestions for dinner, breakfast and snacks.

If your day isn’t inspired, you can always check it out. Balance will be key.

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