5 intercourse books worth reading

Perhaps many are in the habit of reading, but reading books about intercourse is something not everyone does. However, these erotic books are a great help to open your mind.

And also a task they can share as a couple and gives them another perspective on their relationship. Many lovers get new ideas, better experiences and even develop their imagination.

After the rise of 50 shades of Grey, all sex-related texts have been re-evaluated in their content. Here is a list of those worth reading. Let yourself be conquered by these 6 books on sexual relationships!

1. Lady Chatterley’s Lover, by DH Lawrence

A story that alternates gender with the importance of a certain reputation in different social classes. It has a storyline to follow, and it’s not just based on sexual encounters.

A passionate young woman having experimented with several boys, she marries Lord Chatterley. Political obligations lead the aristocrat to enter the ranks of the Great War, where he remains invalid. and helpless.

start a story of infidelity in which morbidity and even the worst human betrayals are at stake. A friend, a ranger and a pregnancy plan with the sole purpose of leaving offspring. The end, they have to find out.

2. The Joy of Sex, by Alex Comfort

Bedroom in white tones.
White tones in the bedroom are used to simplify and give elegance to the space.

Among the books on sexual intercourse, this work it has been cruelly banned in several countries of the world. Totally explicit images of him were taken as immoral and perverse.

Despite everything, he was first in classification of sales and has sold more than 10 million copies. A work that honors free sex and the act itself as an exercise for fun and Pleasure.

A guide to sexual positions presented in the best goumert style. Illustrations are the most powerful. Over the years the book has undergone several adaptations, departing much from the original. You have to choose well which one to read.

3. The limit is pleasure, by Eve Berlin

The work is chosen, among the books on sexual relations, for those women who dare not leave their perfect world. And especially for those who know they are not complete and do not have the drive to be happy.

It’s based on the life of a very organized lady who always has everything under control. One day she meets Alec, a totally opposite personality who always lives on the edge.

Dylan agrees to know part of that world unknown to her and they begin to live together an experience in the sadomasochistic world. Will he be able to continue being the dominant one or will he have found the woman who makes him a submissive being?

4. Free Love-Eros and Anarchy, by Osvaldo Baigorria

A collection of texts that They deal with the art of loving and the influence of this feeling on human behavior.. Therefore, the most important thing is the perspective that is given to love relationships.

The book it marks a trend in terms of the possibility for human beings to love several at the same time. It’s not about being unfaithful, but about polyamoryto be truly in love with two or more people.

A good gift for those who are confused in their relationships and they assure that they cannot break with his wife or with her lover.

5. Seven Years to Sin, by Sylvia Day

Books about sex that you will like.

A funny and erotic text exposes the deepest hidden desires of a demure girl in a conservative marriage. On the eve of her wedding, Jessica met a young man who was selling her body for money. And the image of that scene was faithfully recorded in her mind.

Jessica lived with her husband properly, but over and over again the memory of that boy comes to excite her. A feeling she had never felt so strongly with anyone else.

Seven years later They meet again and this time they will decide where to continue the script. It’s time to start reading books about sexual intercourse and experience new stories.

A couple of ideas to keep in mind about this type of book

Most people rate the erotic literature as “pornographic” when it finds explicit scenes in the works, however, it is not pornography. It is simply eroticism, with greater or lesser intensity, depending on the relationship that the content of the work has with sex and eroticism.

Do books about intercourse get your attention? Go ahead and read some of what we have left for you here. You certainly won’t regret it. Erotic literature is a great way to open your mind, have fun and, why not, fantasize.

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