5 keys to being a better person

Most everyone wants to be a better person. The problem is, sometimes, hate and grudges they lead us to act in a way we are not proud of.

Every day of our life is a challenge to be a little better. You don’t need to do big things. We have the best teachers by our side.

Starting to be grateful, asking for forgiveness or being more generous are things that make us better people.

However, acquire a habit you have to put into practice what you want every day, even a little, progressively.

With these 5 keys you will become a better person, starting today!

How to be a better person starting today

1. Practice gratitude

Sometimes we forget to be grateful maybe because we got used to not being.

Have we ever thanked our father for the food he prepared for us? We can do it today.

However, we have to overcome that alleged discomfort that we believe it will create. And it is that the new, what is never done, can be pointed out by others.

That we don’t care. We just have to focus on being a better person. The feeling of wonder will last that day, but in the end no one will be surprised anymore.

We also do it by being kind to people unknown and in many other circumstances that can happen to us. Being a better person means being happier.

2. Take care of friends


We have a lot of technology at our fingertips that allows us to be in touch with the people we love the most. But… do we take advantage of it?

We tend to forget ours friendsTO sometimes you prioritize your partner or your work and push them aside. However, are we aware of what we are losing?

The phrase says that “to have a friend is to have a treasure” and it couldn’t be more accurate. But we are not talking about those friends that he says Facebook that we have: we are talking about the real ones.

Those who know everything about you, with whom you can talk without being ashamed of anything. Those friends you can be with yourself and that you know they love you just the way you are.

Friendships require interest and commitment, so we don’t think they will always be there if we don’t take care of them. Doing this will allow us to appreciate them and be better people.

3. Practice optimism!

happiness reduces stroke

We live surrounded by victims, pessimists… Enough! Life is sometimes hard, it’s true, but in many occasions everything is a question of perspective.

Being optimistic makes us better people because instead of a long face, we will have a smile that we can dedicate to ourselves and to others.

When we smile at life, it gives us the same smile back even if the circumstances aren’t the best.

Without optimism we cannot move forward and sadness makes us very short-tempered people, who get angry about everything and take out their frustration on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

4. Embrace minimalism

wardrobe full of clothes

He minimalism it does not imply the rejection of luxurybut to remove from our lives all that material that is not contributing to us.

Have a closet full of clothes and only wear 10? Why do we want all that junk piling up in our warehouse?

Eliminate what is useless from our life It will allow us to put things in order and feel much betterfreer and without so many unnecessary burdens on.

Sometimes we place too much importance on having many things because we believe that we do happiness and this indicates that we are doing very well. Big mistake!

Minimalism can make us a better person. Have we tested it?

5. Take your time

Do we do what we like? Do we have time for ourselves? Of all responsibility we have, it is important to make time for ourselves.

Doing what we like will allow us to feel goodwith a better spirit and will increase our positivism.

Doing what we enjoy can also help us make up for a bad day at work or a discussion result of a misunderstanding.

Being a better person isn’t very difficult. You just have to change certain habits to habits that benefit us and are healthier.

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