5 natural treatments for pimples on the face

The appearance of pimples on the face is one of most common cosmetic problems that often arise during puberty. Although they can manifest themselves at other ages, young people are more susceptible to suffering from it due to the sudden hormonal changes they go through.

They usually do not cause pain, although sometimes they become infected and cause some complications. However, they almost always disappear over time without creating major problems.

Today we want to review some of its main causes and give you 5 effective solutions of natural origin. Take note!

Causes of pimples on face

The appearance of pimples on the skin can be due to one or more factors. I am the result of accumulation of sebumdead cells and impurities in the pores which, by hindering the oxygenation of the skin, produce a small inflammation.

Its presence indicates a disturbance in the activity of the sebaceous glands. which, in turn, may have been triggered by another health problem. Below we list the most common:

1. Hormonal changes

woman with acne

During puberty, during the menstrual cycle and in menopause, hormonal imbalances That they can overstimulate production in the sebaceous glands.

This situation causes an excessive production of sebum which, by saturating the pores, causes inflammation and pimples.

2. Stress and anxiety

Frequent exposure to stressful situations causes a response of the immune system becoming inflamed and alters the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.

3. Poor nutrition

While the topic is controversial, it is believed that the consumption of processed foods rich in harmful fats and, above all, refined sugars it also affects the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

4. Contact dermatitis

Direct skin contact with some irritants triggers an allergic response It manifests itself with pimples and redness.

5. Improper hygiene

Lack of facial cleansing or sleeping with makeup on, generates an accumulation of waste on the skin which favors the appearance of pimples.

Natural treatments for pimples on the face

There are countless cosmetic treatments developed to facilitate the removal of pimples on the face. Below we propose some of the most common natural remedies to treat the problem.

1. Green clay

Green clay mask for acne

This ingredient is a skin detoxifier helps to absorb the remains of sebum and dead cells that clog pores.

How to use?

  • Moisten a small amount of green clay, until you get a paste.
  • Rub it on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water, massaging gently to facilitate product removal.
  • Repeat its use 2 times a week.

2. Green tea

Rich in antioxidant and astringent compounds, green tea helps deep cleanse the face to minimize the appearance of pimples.

How to use?

  • Spray a little green tea infusion on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth or rinse with cold water.
  • Use it at least 3 times a week.

3. Rose water

Rose water

Rose water is a natural tonic with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties They help remove waste that affects the appearance of acne.

How to use?

  • Moisten a cotton ball with rose water and apply it with gentle massages on the skin.
  • Leave to act without rinsing and repeat the use 2 times a day.

4.Aloe vera

The antibacterial, healing and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera gel helps control the appearance of pimplesespecially when they are of infectious origin.

How to use?

  • Extract the fresh aloe vera gel and apply it on the affected areas.
  • Leave for 30 minutes and rinse.
  • Use it every day until the skin heals.

5. Bee honey

Honey jar

honey bees contains antibiotic compounds that help eliminate pimple-causing bacteria on the skin. Its nutrients can help regenerate tissue and prevent the appearance of scars and blemishes.

How to use it?

  • Make a mask with pure honey, especially covering the areas with pimples.
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
  • Use it 3 times a week.

Please note that for good results, you must be consistent in applying the natural treatment you choose.

Try to keep your skin clean and avoid wearing excessive makeup, at least until the pimples are gone. See a dermatologist if the problem persists.

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