5 possible signs of throat lumps

The lumps in the throat are non-cancerous growths located on the vocal cords which generally appear as a result of excessive strain on the voice for a long time.

Its evolution and development goes from inflammation to hardening and conversion into calluses. As, the sooner they are detected and treatment begins, the better.

Let’s see more about the lumps in the throat, their causes, the most common symptoms and other aspects of interest.

Causes and associated risk factors

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Some of the possible causes of throat lumps can be as follows:

  • imitate voices
  • Falcon.
  • Chronic cough.
  • Forcing the voice (such as singing in a different vocal register, for example, or shouting).

In short, everything that has to do with excessive strain on the vocal cords produces progressive trauma. This produces inflammation until finally nodules appear in the throat.

Factors favoring the appearance of nodules

In addition to the above, the following factors must be taken into account, because they can also influence the appearance of lumps in the throat.

  • allergies.
  • to smoke.
  • Have gastroesophageal reflux.
  • Places with excess moisture.
  • Being a voice professional: teachers, presenters, singers.
  • Exposure to irritating gases or chemicals.

most common symptoms

While not all cases are created equal, according to experts at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association lumps in throat usually present with the following symptoms which we will discuss below.

1. Hoarse voice

When a person has lumps in their throat, they can often get hoarseness., to varying degrees, by a decrease in the intensity of the voice. This is usually due to poor management of air, which is not enough to get to the end of the sentence, and a feeling that the person is short of breath.

2. Vocal fatigue

In the same order of ideas, the person with throat lumps, in addition to having hoarseness, can frequently experience dryness in the pharynx and larynx, as well as also hoarseness and vocal fatigue.

3. Tension in the neck muscles

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There are various causes for muscle tension, from lack of hydration, excess weight, bad posture, sudden movements, among others. This is a very common problem it manifests itself through the blockage of the muscles of the affected area.

A person with lumps in the throat may experience severe tension in the neck area, which in turn can lead to headaches and other types of discomfort.

4. Cough

The sensation of having a foreign body lodged in the pharynx is also common. Exactly for this reason, the cough can become painful. Especially if it occurs constantly, over very short periods of time.

5. Fatigue of body and voice

When the organism is forced, fatigue obviously arises. In the case of the voice, when phonic exhaustion is reached, discomfort will appear.

What should you do if you have these symptoms?

If you have been suffering from hoarseness for more than two to three weeks you should see a doctor as soon as possible to have a check-up and identify what is causing you discomfort and what is the most appropriate treatment.

In addition to giving you a physical exam, your doctor may also ask you to do:

  • A neurological evaluation.
  • An examination by an otolaryngologist.
  • A speech assessment by a speech therapist or speech therapist.
  • You could also use the laryngoscopy with a flashing light to observe the movement of the vocal cords.

What are the treatments for lumps in the throat?

Second Dr. Clarence T. Sasaki“The treatment of nodules, polyps and granulomas of the vocal cords consists of avoid what could cause irritation to the larynx and rest the voice“.


Anti-inflammatory and/or analgesic drugs

Sometimes drug treatment may be necessary to reduce the impact on the vocal cordsthis includes the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux, allergies and thyroid problems.

vocal re-education

Therapy includes learning good oral hygieneelimination of vocal abuse, use the appropriate pitch and volume and breathing function for good vocal production.

other treatments

  • Absolute rest of the voice.
  • Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. When the nodules are small or soft, they are treated with this type of medication.
  • speech exercises, to restore vocal cord function and prevent them from leaking again.
  • Surgery. It consists in the removal of the vocal cord nodule, this treatment is recommended when they are very large or have been bothering them for a long time.

How to prevent the appearance of lumps in the throat?

The best way to prevent lumps in the throat is to simply not overuse your voice. If you are a teacher, singer, journalist, you need to take a vocal rest time every day.

Additionally, you should consider acquiring new speaking skills in order to be able to do your job safely and calmly.

On the other hand, parents should be concerned that their children are learning to use the correct vocal technique, to avoid any tension from an early age as this is a problem that can start to develop.

In all cases, It never hurts to break unhealthy habits (like smoking) and in avoiding exposure to nasal, pharyngeal, or laryngeal irritants.

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