5 signs your partner is losing interest in the relationship

Do we notice that our partner is further away? Don’t you call us anymore by that affectionate name that we liked so much? All couples evolve over time, and while we may not have realized it, we have. But what if you lose interest in the relationship?

At first, calm down! No need to panicas it could be something momentary.

Sometimes, for work reasons or because we are not well (we are more sad and apathetic) we can distance ourselves from our partner without realizing it. Therefore, it is possible that this loss of interest in the relationship has nothing to do with us.

To know this it is important that we communicate. If she no longer has time to be together, she takes time to respond to our messages and is no longer as affectionate as before, let’s ask her and talk about it. Silence will only increase the discomfort.

Why can you lose interest in the relationship?

Time is one of the reasons that play against any relationship. From the European Institute of Positive Psychology (IEPP) explain that some couples settle into a rut where flings together begin to diminish until they almost disappear.

We have the misconception that love is enough and psychology and relationship experts keep insisting that this is not the case. A relationship must be taken care of, because routine and time will end up absorbing it to such an extent that we don’t know what unites us to the other person.

Other reasons why you can lose desire in the relationship are because you met a new person this is bringing up feelings that were dormant. There may even be a hook to falling in love and when it ends, the same thing happens with interest.

Lack of interest in the partner.

5 signs your partner is losing interest

Now we know a little more about losing interest in a relationship, but there are unmistakable signs that something is wrong. Recognizing them is essential. We have to do our part to resolve the situation and decide whether to continue or stop.

1. There is almost no physical contact

We are not talking about sex, but about caressesof handshakes, of a kiss. Samples of affection that should be there every day or that were there, but are now gone.

This can be a clear sign that there is a loss of interest and it is important to get it resolved. If we are affectionate and need these signs of love, it won’t do us any good because we don’t perceive them on the other side.

2. He no longer asks questions

In relationships it is normal to be interested in how our partner’s day went, what anecdotes he can tell us, what worries him. However, all this is absent when interest in the relationship is lost.

We can come to feel that our partner doesn’t care about us. This needs to be fixed to prevent it from doing more damage to us.

3. Arguments are daily

Is it bad to fight in a relationship? Second the psychologist Silvia Congost No, but for this we must learn to do it.

Communicating assertively what you think and feel, without yelling, without threats, without insulting is important so that arguments do not damage the relationship. When it’s difficult to manage them, it can be an indication that something is wrong.

4. He’s always on his cell phone

It is normal for our interlocutor to pick up his cell phone at some point to see a message or answer a call. But if we are with her and the cell phone is in your hands for half an hour or an hourinstead of enjoying our company and talking, you may lose interest.

Pair with cell phones.
Excessive attention to furniture wears out the couple, generating discussions and friction.

5. There are no plans together

Get away for a weekend, go for a walk, visit somewhere. When all of this is absent in our relationship, the other person may have lost interest. Even watching a movie together can be a plan to have funBut sometimes, even that doesn’t happen.

What to do when you lose interest?

Once again we insist on the importance of not sitting still and doing nothing. Loss of interest in the couple is painful and time won’t work miracles if we don’t act. Therefore, the first step is to talk to the other person and ask what’s going on.

If you don’t want to tell us anything, it’s essential that we communicate how we feel and what we’ve detected. This will also give us some relief which will be good.

In case we get nothing, proposing to our partner to go to therapy can be one of the best decisions we make. If there is a resounding refusal, going to the psychological sessions ourselves can help us make a decision.

It is unbearable to be around a person who has lost interest and which no longer contributes to the relationship. It’s never nice to start realizing that our partner is bored.

It can be very painful for this situation to drag on over time. Therefore, seeking help as early as possible is crucial.

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