5 tips for customizing clothes

If you’re looking to make a difference, customizing clothes is a good option. For this you will find various ways to do it. There are metal pins, patches, embroidery or even fabric paintings. These are techniques that can make you stand out from the crowd.

You can bring old clothes back to life by creating fun new designs that suit your personality. That way, you’ll agree that it never hurts to have some advice up your sleeve. Discover some to personalize your clothes and shoes.

3 ways to personalize clothes

To create an exclusive wardrobe you may need some time and creativity. Either way, it will be worth it.

1. Decorate to your style

This is the first step and to make it concrete, first of all, you have to define your style: boho, romantic, preppy, urban-chic or style grunge. Having defined this very important step, Get the materials you need to customize your clothes according to what you have decided.

With this you will make those who know you and see you wearing the new version of your garment exclaim “this jacket or these shoes are very you”.

Old and broken clothes to customize.
Old or torn clothes shouldn’t end up in the trash. Creativity can save it.

2. Give your clothes a second chance

Old or worn-out clothes don’t have to end up in the trash. This could get a second chance and give you a unique and enviable style.

It could give a different look when cutting any garment. A long dress can become short and radically change your look. The same goes for pants, but when it comes to a shirt, there’s a little more leeway:

  • Cut vertically to create fringes at the bottom of the shirt. Try to make the cuts even.
  • You can even dare cut off the sleeves and part of the neck to make a shirt.
  • Another idea for a tank top is to cut the shirt around the shoulder blades, try to leave a strip between the neck and the rest of the fabric that was left on the back, and remove the sleeves.
  • Now, if you have a long shirt, by cutting the shoulders it can become a knotted dress with a belt in between.

In reality, imagination fails when it comes to making small stylistic cuts to a shirt. A small opening detail on the shoulders, a horizontal cut on the back, among others. You just need to awaken creativity.

3. Bring out the artist in you by bleaching, drawing and coloring

A unique garment is obtained by stamping our personality on the clothes. One way to achieve this is to draw, color or whiten. But before embarking on this adventure, try to have all the utensils at hand.

Cold paint, foam brush, fabric paint, cardboard, whitening gel pen, bleach, among other tools. However, not everything can be painted.

A great idea is to add some lace to your garment. Draw a figure, cut out and stitch the embroidery.

2 ways to customize your shoes

Decidedly, the shoes reveal the charactergenuineness and being, especially if they are customized. Here are some ideas that can help you.

1. A little change first

If you have a design in mind, penciling on the canvas or canvas shoes before painting them helps eliminate erroneous lines. Even if a little change doesn’t mean just a sketch on your shoes, You can also get creative with the placement method of the braids or rhinestones. around.

2. Personalize your shoes with paint and glitter

While you can also paint your shoes out of leather, plastic, or other materials, keep in mind that the paint is better fixed if they are made of fabric or canvas.

To start painting, consider that you set the limit. Just like you can draw a pattern of shapes, a landscape or an animated character that you like, you can also choose to add glitter.

whatever you choose, be sure to tape down the parts of the shoes you don’t want to paint on (soles, metal eyelets, among others). Likewise, apply primer before you start painting and clean the area with rubbing alcohol before applying glitter. In both cases, finish with an acrylic sealer.

Personalize your shoes.
Footwear can also be customized based on any style you want to stand out from the crowd.

What to remember when customizing your clothes?

Customizing clothes depends on your style, your creativity and of course the clothes you have on hand.. While it’s true that you can buy cloth or canvas shoes to paint a cute drawing you’ve seen on social networks, you can also give a second chance to that shirt, pants or dress that is at the bottom of your wardrobe.

That’s why once you’ve decided which garment you want to make a makeover, think and execute as you would like it to be. Want to turn a shirt into a dress? A flannel in a muscle? You could also try a braid or fringes. The limit is up to you!

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