5 tips for decorating with burlap for your home

Burlap decorating has become a trend among rustic lovers. Due to the characteristics of this material, many have decided to incorporate it into spaces such as terraces, living rooms or gardens, among others. Do you want to take advantage of it in your home?

Burlap is a type of fabric made from the natural fibers of hemp or jute. It is a resistant material that stands out for having a thick and rough texture. Although for many years it has been used to make bags for storing goods, today it is an excellent resource for decoration. Check out some tips below.

Burlap Decorating Tips: 5 ideas for your home

Burlap is an inexpensive material that can be used in many ways to decorate your home. Due to its characteristic texture and color, used to upholster furniturecushions and other accessories to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Although initially the decoration with canvas was exclusive to country or rustic-style houses, little by little its use spread to other types of environments: Nordic style, Vintage OR shabby-chic, among others. Interested in adding it to your home? Let’s do it!

1. Upholstery of furniture and armchairs

furniture with canvas
Despite its texture, burlap will add a rustic touch to your upholstered furniture.

To take advantage of the decoration with canvas in environments such as living rooms, gardens and terraces, you can choose to cover furniture and armchairs with this material. Due to its color and texture, adds a minimalist touch and Vintage in these types of spaces. Keep in mind that the texture will be a little rough.

  • When upholstering furniture with this material, make sure to fit very snugly, as this leaves a better finish and prevents the material from deteriorating prematurely.
  • If you want, use the burlap to make decorative pillows to put on the furniture.

2. Object organizer

Do you want a rustic touch in your bedroom, kitchen or study? Then jot down this idea with burlap. It consists in making an organizer with several compartments for storing small items. Even if you make big pockets, you can use it to organize your shoes.

  • Take an old burlap sack, cut it into the desired shape and sew several pockets or ruffles.
  • The decoration accessories are at your expense: embroidery, ribbons, paint, etc.

3. Cutlery holder

Jute cutlery tray
Also give a rustic touch to your celebrations by including a cutlery holder with this material.

THE cutlery holder They are usually mostly used on special occasions like family reunions or celebrations. To make them without having to spend too much you can opt for this alternative with jute. They are very easy to make and require few materials.

  • Cut a burlap sack into several pieces of any size you like.
  • Then, sew them together to form a small sack.
  • Finally, decorate it to your liking and put cutlery in it.

4. Interior lamps in the decoration with burlap

Is your room rustic? Want to give it more air? Vintage at your office? Wherever you prefer to have a lamp you can implement this idea with canvas. This porous fabric is ideal for creating tranquil and romantic environments. It also lends itself to varying designs.

  • If you have a lamp in your house, renovate it by covering its outside with burlap.
  • To make a lamp from scratch, buy the stand and use the canvas to shape it to your liking.

5. Plant pots

jute vases
Jute pots go perfectly with a small garden for your home.

The characteristics of this material are ideal for making beautiful pots for planting plants. For what reason? First of all, its texture and color give a very interesting style to the garden; on the other hand, Being a porous fabric, it is perfect for facilitating the absorption and filtration of moisture.

  • To use it in the cultivation phase, proceed as follows: fill a bag with earth if the plant is of considerable size.
  • If it’s small plants, cut the bag into several parts and sew them into smaller bags. Fill them with soil and plant.

Speaking of decorating with burlap…

Decorating with canvas is an inexpensive way to give a more country feel to spaces in the home. You can leverage the material from storage bags or buy it at fabric stores. The most important thing is to combine it with other decorative elements to have a welcoming, elegant environment and the desired style.

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