6 details with the couple so as not to fall into monotony

Spending time together can be an advantage if we think of time as an ally when it comes to strengthening bonds. However, too we run the risk of falling into monotony and routinehighly dangerous for a relationship.

Here because, It doesn’t hurt to have, from time to time, details with our partner. In this way we will be able to break away from everyday life, showing that we appreciate you and do not take anything for granted.

In this article we offer you 6 details to have with your partner and rekindle the relationship.


Love must be cared for otherwise it can wither. For this reason, years together are not a guarantee that a relationship will go well. It is necessary to make an effort to keep it healthy, not to fall into a routine.

Indeed, it is important to demonstrate to the other person that, Despite the years, we still feel lucky to have her by our side. and that the relationship is our conscious choice, and not the result of the inertia of time.

For this reason, It is important to have details with our partner. In this article, we offer you 6 to put into practice and implement Break the routine and monotony.

Details to avoid falling into monotony

Details to avoid falling into monotony
Show your love with gestures of affection to further the feelings of your relationship.

Kisses and hugs

It may be that after time together you feel less spontaneous than displays of affection. However, they are an essential ingredient in a relationship. Moreover, physical contact (eg a hug) brings benefits in many ways:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Improve mood.
  • Create trust and confidence.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • It also provides other health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, improving the immune system or benefiting cardiovascular health.

It’s the small gestures that can break the daily routine. You don’t need to do something fancy or very different. Only kisses and hugs. Surprise with a spontaneous kiss and for no particular reason! Keep your bodies and minds connected.

A classic of details so as not to fall into monotony: an unexpected note

Another good idea to break the routine and surprise our partner with a sign of love is to write a nice sentence that declares our feelings and hide it somewhere. It may not seem like something important to you, but right It’s the little details that make the difference.

you can leave a publish it in the fridge reminding him how wonderful or wonderful he is. You can even slip a little note into one of his pockets so that when he notices, you can read how lucky you feel to have that person by your side.

Respect each other’s personal space and time

Give yourself your personal space and enjoy making your own hobby favorites.

You don’t have to spend all day together, especially when that’s not what you want. Whether you need time for yourself or your partner needs it, It doesn’t mean I don’t want the relationship.

On the contrary, For a relationship to be healthy, you both need to spend time with each other as well. In those moments you can indulge in your favorite hobby, relax and rest listening to music, play sports, etc.

Moreover, it is important to miss each other, thereby refreshing the relationship. In this way, when you meet again, you will have more desire to be together.

the box of memories

It’s also a good idea prepare a box with all your memories. in her, you can include photos or objects related to your relationship from the day it started, such as movie tickets, travel tickets or something special.

Then, you can sit together and look at those memories. It’s a great way to remember why you fell in love and everything you’ve been through together. Without a doubt, it will help you get out of the rut and strengthen your bond even more.

A letter in the mailbox!

Love letter

Imagine coming home from work and opening your mailbox at home. Surely you expect advertisements and bills, nothing more, the usual.

However, can you imagine finding a personal letter in the mailbox? What if that letter also came from the person you spent so much time with expressing how much you mean to them and how deep and true their feelings are?

Undoubtedly, it is a good way to break the routine and brighten your day to also improve our partner’s self-esteem.

mirror message

When you take a shower, the mirror glass fogs up. At the moment, you can write a love message to your partner like “I love you” or “have a nice day”, the choice is yours.

Then, when you’re done in the bathroom, the fogging on the mirror will disappear and the message will no longer be legible. However, when it’s your partner’s turn to take a shower or bath, the mist will mist the glass again and display the message. It will undoubtedly be a surprise that will make you smile.

Finally, in order not to fall into monotony…

As you can see, it’s all about having imagination and surprise. It is that, at least one day, something different happened, something that helps refresh the relationship, reminds the other person that we consciously love them and want to be with them. Remember: details make the difference.

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