6 reasons why you don’t fully enjoy sex

As strange as it sounds, having sex isn’t easy for many people. Indeed, there are many factors that can influence whether intimate encounters are truly enjoyable. This is the case for those who are affected by the high levels of stress of the daily routine or by some complexes.

If you think this might be the case for you, here are the 6 most common reasons why you don’t like having sex with your partner. Take note, and once you spot them, encourage yourself to work on it and get your passion back.

Why don’t you fully enjoy sex?

sex phobia
A person with erotophobia will always find excuses to avoid having sex.

Sex has always been presented as a pleasure-filled act in which both members of the couple are driven by passion. However, the reality is that, on many occasions, even if sexual intercourse takes place, some are unable to feel fully satisfied. What’s up?

Perhaps some complexes, nervousness or stress from everyday responsibilities can be situations that prevent you from giving yourself fully and enjoying the moment. In fact, stress, in addition to affecting health in general, is one of the main causes of not fully enjoying sex. We tell you what other factors should be taken into consideration.

1. Anxiety to please the partner

Maybe you feel pressure to please your partner, so you feel stressed and unable to relax. Here because, you forget that your arousal and pleasure are just as important as the other person’s and they deserve the same dedication.

On the other hand, you may want to do something in bed to ignite passion but don’t dare express it to your partner for fear of being rejected or what they will think of you. In any case, you do not grant your wishes and this makes you keep a stressor during the relationship.

To fully enjoy sex, you must first relax. That’s why it’s best to leave taboos behind, avoid stress and pressure and dedicate yourself completely to the pleasure of both. Also, don’t forget that communication is very important in a relationship. Otherwise how will they enjoy themselves if they don’t talk about what excites and satisfies them the most?

2. Some complexes

Another reason why you don’t like sex may be complexes that appear during the relationship. Maybe there are some areas of your body that you don’t like and you try to avoid being touched here or there or even try to cover them so they can’t be seen. Of course, if the light is on, everything is more complicated.

How to get carried away with pleasure if you can’t relax? Therefore, it is best to leave any complexes behind and avoid stress or anxiety that could affect the meeting. Living in the moment without thinking too much can be a good strategy to fully enjoy sex.

3. Vaginal dryness

Faced with this frequent problem in some stages of the woman, she uses lubricants or gels that help at the time of intercourse.

Many women, despite feeling horny, experience vaginal dryness. Although it is normal at certain stages, especially during menopause or breastfeeding, a Mayo Clinic publication note that this condition can make intercourse painful and, in addition, cause significant urinary symptoms.

To prevent this situation, there are lubricants that can help you avoid this problem and maintain satisfying sexual intercourse. Try ones that are water-based and don’t contain glycerin so you won’t experience irritation.

4. Obsession with reaching orgasm

Many times, the obsession with reaching the climax is such that it creates a vicious cycle in which the stress of reaching it leads, precisely, to not reaching it. Indeed, it is necessary to understand that sex offers many more pleasures that you could lose if you become obsessed with orgasm.

5. Vaginismus problems

Couple in bed where the man is comforting the woman
Feeling pain during intercourse is a problem that should be consulted with your gynecologist to pinpoint the causes.

Vaginismus is a female sexual problem characterized by involuntary contraction of the pelvic muscles surrounding the vagina. Therefore, it can become too tight, causing pain during intercourse.

The treatment for this condition, according to an article by National Health Service, mainly focuses on managing feelings related to sex and some exercises to gradually get used to penetration. In addition, it is recommended to practice some relaxation techniques and perform exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.

6. Female anorgasmia

This is another sexual problem that prevents you from enjoying sex. In this case, as indicated by the International Journal of Andrology, despite the stimulation and the existence of sexual desire, the woman cannot reach orgasm. While it may be due to stages such as menopause, anorgasmia can be something much more complicated.

In fact, there are both physical and psychological causes that need to be treated to avoid problems in the relationship and health in general. Therefore, it is best to identify and attack them. Also, it is essential to learn to understand your body and seek out different types of sexual stimulation.

How could you observe, most of the reasons you don’t like sex are stress related in some way. For this, whether it is talking to your partner or starting a sex therapy, the goal will be to uninhibit and relax to increase confidence.

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