6 tips for wedding godmother dresses

Being the godmother of a wedding is an honor. In fact, if you’ve been asked to be the godmother at a wedding ceremony, The bride and groom have chosen you to be almost a co-protagonist on the most important day of their lives. It is a privilege, no doubt, but not free from protocols and obligations.

So, logically, Dressing elegantly and impeccably is one of the essential requirements to live up to the occasion. If you have no idea what to wear on such an important day, take note of the advice we give you in this article.

The godmother and her place at the wedding

Bride walking down the aisle

The role of godmother at a wedding is an almost indispensable tradition during the ceremony. Indeed, her role is not limited to being “the mother of the groom”, away from it. Currently the godmother can be any woman chosen, as a rule, by the groom to accompany him to church and remain at her side during the rite.

The godmother will walk the way to the altar together with the groom grabbing his arm. Likewise, he will sit in the front row, confirming his leading role in the life of the spouses. Furthermore, she will later occupy a seat at the newlyweds’ table, and she will have to receive the guests, thanking them like a good hostess.

Therefore, you can check it out It is very important which dress to choose to fulfill all these functions. In this sense, there are some “rules” that must be followed. Next, we explain some of them.

White, no.

The godmother cannot wear white. Indeed, and of course, It is the color reserved for the bride. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t choose colors from the same or similar range. In this sense, it is better to exclude colors such as beige or ivory. The bride must stand out from all the guests. It’s your big day!

Black, neither

On the other hand, the godmother shouldn’t wear black either. Indeed, this color is associated with funerals and bad omens, so it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Logically at this point a question always arises: what if the godmother is in mourning? In this case, you can always make an exception to celebrate marriage and the union of your loved oneschoosing a different color just for that day.

However, in order not to overdo it, it is better to opt for a dark color – not black – so that respect both mourning and the celebration of marriage.

Your dress should match the bride’s

The godmother must know the bride’s dress and choose a style based on it. For example, if the bride has decided on a classic cut dress, it is ideal for the godmother’s dress to follow the same line.

No to overload

The wedding day is the day of the spouses, especially that of the bride. Therefore, it is she who is the protagonist and the one who should stand out. In this sense, it is better for the godmother to refrain from models overloaded with too many rhinestones.

Must have a demure style

In line with the above, the godmother should wear a rather demure model. Above all, if it is a Church wedding, we must take into account modesty and sobriety. A bridesmaid dress with a plunging neckline as she walks down the aisle with the groom wouldn’t be appropriate, would it?


wedding dress corset

Especially in the Spanish tradition, the godmother usually wears a mantilla. Moreover, it can be of any color, while taking into account the limitations of the place and the day. However, it is better for the bride to allow it.

In conclusion, don’t forget that being a godmother includes participating in a protocol. Therefore, they should be elegance, modesty and exquisiteness of pleasant but unobtrusive colors the characteristics of your clothing. In this way you will shine without dazzling those who are the protagonists of the day: the newlyweds.

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