6 tricks to prevent children from bad breath

Bad breath or halitosis in children is a recurring problem that can be caused by poor hygiene habits or by certain digestive or respiratory problems. Although it is usually not a reason for consultation in pediatrics, parents try to find tricks to make it easier to control and prevent children from having bad breath.

Although it is usually temporary, the unpleasant odor is just as annoying as in adults. Moreover, sometimes it’s the sign of an oral infection or dry mouth due to low water consumption at this stage. Are there any ways to fix it?

Since it rarely requires professional attention, It is convenient to know these methods to prevent children from bad breath. Below we want to share its main causes and some recommendations to control it.

Why does bad breath occur in children?

Boy suffering from his bad breath
It is common for children to have bad breath for various reasons, such as bacteria and bad hygiene habits.

The reasons for bad breath in children are very varied. In the first place it usually develops due to inappropriate practice of oral hygiene habits. When the little one doesn’t wash his mouth regularly, or does it badly, bacteria and food residues can do their job.

As plaque builds up on your teeth, your risk of oral infections and gum inflammation increases. As, In a case of infantile halitosis it is essential to evaluate whether there are infections such as tooth decay, thrush or gingivitis.. Other possible triggers are:

  • Presence of abundant mucus in the airways
  • Digestive diseases or food allergies
  • Systemic pathologies such as renal insufficiency or diabetes
  • Infections in the pharynx or tonsillitis
  • Dry mouth upon waking or dehydration
  • Consumption of foods such as onion and garlic
  • some drugs

The best tricks to prevent children from having bad breath

When there are no serious causes, Some simple tricks can be applied to prevent children from having bad breath. In fact, in most cases, their adoption is recommended, as they are the best way to alleviate this problem.

1. Improve your brushing technique

The children are learning theirs hygienic habits. Therefore, Parents have a responsibility to teach, monitor and correct their tooth brushing technique. This way they learn to get it right and that bad smell linked to bacteria and oral infections is controlled.

2. Watch your diet

Intolerance to foods such as dairy products or excessive consumption of fats and sweets influence the appearance of this symptom. So, to prevent children from getting bad breath, It is essential to observe the diet and prepare light dishes, controlled in fats.

3. Avoid garlic and onion

Continuing with the previous recommendation, it is best to avoid foods seasoned with garlic and onion. Although both foods are nutritious, in the case of halitosis little help in his control.

Benefits of onion for hair
It is preferable to avoid the consumption of onions in children with bad breath.

4. Do a natural rinse

If children can figure out how to rinse their mouth with gargle, then a natural mouthwash can be prepared to stop this symptom. Some of the simple solutions include mint or echinaccea infusion.

5. Give him water and lemon

Preparing warm water and lemon may be enough to prevent children from bad breath. This natural drink not only neutralizes the growth of bacteria in the mouth, but also regulates the pH of saliva and controls related stomach ailments.

6. Make him chew on parsley

Parsley sprigs have a pleasant flavor that goes very well in salads and juices for children. Indeed, Ideally, babies chew it directly for a few seconds. to neutralize bad mouth odor.

6 tricks to prevent children from bad breath

When to go to the pediatrician or dentist?

When children have good oral hygiene habits and still have bad breath, it is advisable to consult the pediatrician or dentist. Even if it’s not always serious, It should not be ignored that it can also alert other types of diseases.

If the symptom is persistent, or if it reappears over and over again, the health professional will have to evaluate its origin. For this, a physical examination and various laboratory tests are performed. Treatment will aim to control the disease to reduce the occurrence of malodour.


These types of problems should be handled in an informative and prudent manner., so that children can contribute to the solution without developing insecurities or self-esteem issues. The key is not to worry too much and seek timely solutions.

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