6 ways to use natural yogurt as a home remedy

Natural yogurt is a food that has gained fame in recent years. Although its nutritional value has been known for decades, its popularity increased when it became known that it has a high concentration of “live cultures”. Did you know that you can also use natural yogurt as a home remedy?

Its healthy bacteria repopulate the microbial flora of the intestine and, in turn, strengthen immune health to prevent infection and disease. Furthermore, thanks to its versatility, it is one of the ingredients with which many dishes and drinks for regular consumption are prepared.

What very few know is that, beyond its uses as food, can be used as a basis for home remedies to cure some ailments. While not a miracle product or similar, its exclusive composition can improve some external symptoms that are a problem. Scope!

Natural yogurt as a home remedy

1. Remedy to soothe burns

burnt skin

The lactic acid contained in yogurt helps regulate the pH of the skin to accelerate the regeneration process in case of Burn superficial. Its direct application exerts a refreshing effect which, moreover, reduces burning sensation and redness.

What should you do?

  • Cool the yogurt in the refrigerator and apply it to the affected area with a gentle massage.
  • Leave to absorb for 15 minutes and carefully remove the excess with a damp cloth.
  • Repeat its use 2 times a day until the skin heals.

6. Remedy to fight acne

The acidic and antioxidant compounds of natural yogurt help stop excess fat production in the face to reduce the appearance of pimples acne. Its exfoliating effect removes impurities that accumulate in the pores. and, by promoting oxygenation of the dermis, it keeps it fresh and hydrated.

What should you do?

  • Smear a simple yogurt mask all over your face or anywhere on your acne-prone skin.
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes and when it dries, remove it with warm water.
  • Repeat its use 3 or 4 times a week.

Did you know these alternative uses of natural yogurt as a home remedy? As you can see, more than a food, it’s a multipurpose ingredient It can serve as an ally to cure the problems that often afflict us. It has no contraindications and can be used regularly.

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