6 ways your daily routine makes your back pain worse

Back pain is a leading cause of disability. The excess stress we currently experience means that we don’t pay enough attention to our own health column vertebral.

Want to know how your daily routine is causing your back problems? Read on and we will tell you about the main causes and some alternatives to reduce or avoid the problem.

Back pain affects not only your health, but also it can limit and diminish your productivity and efficiency in any area of ​​your life. If the problem gets worse, it could affect your family and social relationships.

6 ways your daily routine makes your back pain worse

1. You carry too much weight on your back

Carrying heavy things can increase back pain.

Overweight bags, backpacks, suitcases, and electronic devices like laptops are a major cause of back pain. Furthermore, if you adopt poor posture while carrying this weight, your spine will suffer more.

To avoid problems remember:

  • Take only what you need and be realistic with the weight you carry.
  • Instead of carrying a bag over one shoulder, try using a backpack that can be carried over both shoulders.
  • If you have to carry too many things, divide the weight into two or three bags to balance the load between the two shoulders.
  • If your things weigh too much, try using a suitcase with wheels.

2. You lift heavy objects without bending your knees

Many times we usually pick something off the ground or leave it on it without bending our knees. All this mistake will only create back pain or increase what we have.

to avoid it, flex the knees keeping your back straight, just like you’re doing squats. If you have knee problems you should bend carefully and never go over weight. If you have severe knee problems, get help.

3. Lead a sedentary lifestyle

Incorrect posture when sitting or walking

Whether it’s for work or study, chances are you sit too long without taking breaks. This will impact you with back pain.

You should take breaks of about 10 minutes at least every hour to hour and a half. If you’re someone who focuses too much on what he’s doing and loses track of time, set alarms.

During those 10 minutes of rest, try to get up and do stretches and push-ups that get the blood circulating. You can go for a walk or at least do a few rounds in your garden if you have it. You don’t have to do too strenuous exercises, just move.

4. You have bad posture when sitting

Does your daily routine force you to spend a lot of time sitting down? Do you spend your free time doing activities that keep you sitting or in the same position? In this case, in addition to resting for 10 minutes, you should pay special attention to:

  • Keep your back straight and well supported on the back of the chair or armchair.
  • Avoid crossing your legs and make sure that the soles of your feet are fully on the ground.
  • THE shoulders They should be back, chin up and neck straight.

In case your activity forces you to bend over, watch your posture well so you don’t bend over too much.

To improve your posture It is recommended to use an ergonomic chair with good support in the Backwards. If necessary, invest in a computer stand so that it is at eye and hand level.

5. You walk with a hunched back

walking and talking on cell phone

Walking is a very healthy habit, but it’s a problem when you hunch over all the time. Do you always walk with your head down, eyes down and shoulders forward?

Your posture should be natural, maintaining balance between all parts of the body and trying to align the head, neck, back and legs. If you’re not used to maintaining good posture, it may be uncomfortable and somewhat painful at first.

Despite the discomfort you may feel, try to change this habit little by little. In a few weeks, you will notice that it is easier for you to maintain correct posture.

6. You spend too many hours in the car

How much time a day do you spend stuck in traffic? Whether you are traveling by public transport or by car, you will certainly spend several hours in an uncomfortable position in the car.

To avoid back pain from this cause it is recommended to:

  • Keep the seat as straight as possible while driving. Remember what we said about sitting in the correct position and with your back against the seatback.
  • Use a pillow for neck if you need it. Some cars have the neck support section very low. If this is the case for you, please purchase an extra mount that fits the car. If you can’t, buy a pillow that fits around your neck.
  • Try to walk as much as possible. Instead of using your car every time you need to do something, go for a walk. Some people also drive the vehicle to go to any nearby place. If the journey doesn’t take you that long, walk.

Daily life and occupations require a lot of attention from you. Therefore, it would not be unusual for back pain to go almost unnoticed when it appears. As soon as you detect it, determine the habit that is affecting you and change it.

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