7 crafts with boxes to decorate

Making crafts with boxes and decorating multiple spaces in your home is it a simple and fun way to create our decorations. Even himBoxes can be either cardboard or wooden. In fact, both are very easy to obtain and depending on the use you want to make of them, it will depend on your choice.

Cardboard boxes come in multiple presentations, sizes and most importantly they are very versatile. Also, by giving them another use we help reduce our environmental impact. In other words, it helps to recycle.

Instead, the wooden boxes that we have decided to reuse help us create more rigid pieces, in which we can put more weight. However, care should be taken when working with them as they may have splinters.

Here we show you some advantages and 7 different uses of these craft with boxes. Read on and find out!

Advantages of crafts with boxes

Although the advantages of this type of boat are many, here we list the most common:

  1. They are cheap.
  2. Furthermore, we can find them in various sizes.
  3. There are different thicknesses and hardnesses, for different uses.
  4. They are practical, you can give them different uses.
  5. Easy to decorate: with paints, fabrics and other DIY techniques, etc.
  6. Finally, do it crafts with boxes it helps a lot on a psycho-emotional level. That is, by focusing attention on what is being done, and not on what is thinking, we relax.

1. Desk organizer

Rolls of paper for the desk.
Source: Pinterest

It is very common to have pens, pencils, markers, all in a mess and not find anything. Well, we give you the idea of ​​an organizer made with a simple cardboard box.


  • paintings.
  • Glue.
  • Carton box.
  • Rolls of toilet paper.


  • First, decorate the box in any way you like. It can be with colored laminated papers.
  • Then glue the paper rolls inside the box.
  • Paint the inside of the rolls evenly.
  • Finally, place the pencils inside each roll.


  • Put them to decorate on a desk.
  • Smaller rolls can work for shorter items.
  • For example, you can place shots higher for the rules.
  • Group the different types of utensils and place them in each of them.

2. Underwear organizers

Looking for messy underwear takes up some time that you can use in something else, even in sight it’s not so pretty. Here we propose an idea to make your own underwear organizers out of cardboard boxes.


  • Cardboard scrap.
  • Fabric to cover it.
  • fabric adhesive.
  • Medium cardboard box. For example, it can come from a shoe.


  • First you need to cover the whole box with tissue. Inside and outside.
  • Cut the cardboard pieces to make internal compartments that house your underwear.
  • Cut out and cover the walls of the compartment with fabric.
  • Finally place your pieces of underwear in each space, according to your preferences.

3. For toilet paper

These crafts with boxes are one of the simplest ways to use to furnish the bathroom. Toilet paper rolls also look very nice in a lined box, without a lid, on a table or shelf in the bathroom.


  • Glue.
  • Rustic twine.
  • A box that contains four rolls of toilet paper.


  • First, start at one end of the box by applying glue.
  • Second, wrap the string around the glue, thus lining the box.
  • Leave to dry.
  • Finally lay the rolls inside.

4. Keep the towels

Like paper rolls, towels tend to pile up and get messy. A good idea might be to roll them up and store them inside a lined box. You can cover the lid and decorate it however you like.

5. Tea box

Source: Pinterest

The ones they usually are tea lovers and have different types at home, having them in the same box could be a practical and also very decorative solution. The best way is to make them out of wood, as it is more solid.


  • Paint.
  • paintings.
  • Glue.
  • Wooden box.
  • Thin pieces of wood to make the divisions.


  • First, start by cutting the planks with a fine saw to make the splits.
  • Then glue them together and let them dry.
  • Paint it with the colors that you like the most.
  • Finally, varnish it for better conservation.

6. Magazine rack, a classic of box craftsmanship

A magazine rack is one of the most popular crafts out there. It’s a great idea to keep magazines organized.


  • Waterfall.
  • paintings.
  • Glue.
  • Paper diary.
  • Rectangular cardboard boxes, such as cereal boxes.


  • First, cut two cereal boxes diagonally in half. This way a part will be exposed to be able to see the magazines.
  • After that, glue both boxes together with glue and let them dry.
  • On the other hand, cut pieces of newspaper.
  • Make a mixture of equal parts glue and water.
  • Put this mixture on the box, gluing newspaper on top. This will give the magazine rack stiffness.
  • Finally, let it dry and paint it to your liking.

You can replace newspaper with toilet paper. Besides being firmer, it gives it a rough texture that looks great.

7. Keep the accessories

Source: Pinterest

This idea is very good for storing accessories that you always find stacked and in a drawer. As They will be sorted and you will be able to see them all at a glance. Let’s do it!


  • A not very large flat cardboard box.
  • Paper to cover.
  • Pieces of cloth.
  • Glue.


  • First, line the box with decorative paper inside and out.
  • Next, make rolls out of the tissues and place them inside the box.
  • Next, place the rings between the rolls of fabric.
  • As a result, you will get a beautiful box with the accessories in view and in order.

Do you have boxes at home? Give them a use!

If you have boxes around the house and you haven’t used them yet, it’s time to consider doing so. Even if it is true that you don’t have to keep them all, there are some that you can use a lot, both for storing objects and for decorating your rooms. Go ahead and take the test and see how you get unique pieces!

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