7 food mistakes in children

For proper growth and development, children need a balanced diet. However, between the stresses of everyday life and our desire to please them, it’s easy to make mistakes that will become inappropriate habits for our children. Want to know the most common? Next we introduce you 7 common mistakes in feeding babies

Keep in mind that ensuring good nutrition early in life will reduce your risk of developing health problems in the future.

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During the first six months of life, the baby should be fed only with mother’s milk. This will not only provide you with the necessary nutrients and fluids, but will also help strengthen your digestive tract and develop your immune system. said mechanism they proved be effective in improving the child’s health in the medium term.

After this period, we will slowly start introducing different products into your diet. How we do this will shape our children’s food tastes and habits. However, parents will always be their example to follow and copy our successes and failures at mealtimes. As adults we have a fast pace of life, but it’s important to remember that Establishing a good food routine is the basis for a healthy life.

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Don’t wait any longer and learn to avoid the

7 common mistakes in feeding babies

Hands holding a bowl with a balanced breakfast: strawberries, yogurt and nuts.
  1. an incomplete breakfast

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, it prepares the body to start the day with energy. Therefore, it is essential for children to have a nutritious breakfast before going to school. However, lifestyle can lead us to reduce breakfast to coffee or a snack, which can affect our children’s academic and sports performance in the short and long term.

Children should have a full breakfast that meets their energy needs. It should contain fiber, fat, protein and carbohydrates: Cereal, yogurt, a whole-grain sandwich with ham or cheese and a serving of fruit would be great options. A proper breakfast increases concentration and memory, improves learning ability and fights childhood obesity.

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  1. Lack of routines and meal times

Routines are healthy and educate children. We must teach them to carry out small daily tasks, develop their responsibility and create hygiene and food habits.

Establishing a meal schedule helps your child’s appetite and digestion, as well as discipline. It is important that they eat five meals a day, three main meals and two snacks. This helps them to better assimilate the nutrients in food and avoid overweight. In addition to the fact that meals become a moment to share with the family.

It should be noted that there is trial Since eating early and having dinner little reduces the risk of developing obesity, thus improving the metabolic response to nutrients.

  1. Give adult portions of food

I know you like your kids to grow strong, but that doesn’t mean they have to eat much more. Serving adult-size portions to children is one of the most easily avoidable dietary mistakes. They don’t have the same stomach capacity or nutritional needs that we do.

However, we often fill their plates so much that they overeat or refuse food due to overeating. Avoid overweight in your children and educate them so that they learn to eat properly.

  1. Processed foods versus fruits and vegetables

From an early age, our children begin to focus their preferences on industrialized products. These foods are high in fat and addictive chemical additives.

It is our duty to control the consumption of these products and introduce legumes, fruit and vegetables in their most varied forms. If you want your child to grow up strong and healthy, make sure you provide him with the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids and minerals.

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  1. Reward with unhealthy foods

Monster-shaped sandwiches to make with the kids.

Even though we recognize the benefits of good nutrition, we often reward our children with sweets that are sugary, very salty, or high in fat. While these foods don’t provide many nutrients, it’s important to note that they do contain chemicals dependence.

Avoid offering children “rewards” for eating their vegetables, as this will reinforce the idea that they are a punishment. Look for delicious alternatives to industrial products. It must be taken into account that the intake of ultra-processed foods is able to increase the risk of developing complex pathologies, according to a study published in NEVER.

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  1. Keep children away from the kitchen

The contribution can be very small: mix a sauce or add a little salt, but it is stimulating for children to eat what they have helped to prepare. This is a great strategy to motivate them to try new foods, as well as develop their responsibility and teach them to share household chores.

Of course, you have to take the necessary safety measures so that they don’t use tools with which they can get hurt. Find easy and nutritious recipes that will amaze your little ones.

  1. Repeat presentation and flavors

Both sight and smell are the first senses to be stimulated at dinnertime. A colorful dish will be much more interesting for a child and his curiosity will push him to try it. Here’s why, though You don’t have a budget to vary the food too much, you have to try to present them in different ways.

For example, the same lentils are used to make soups, burgers or spreads; the same pumpkin it can be eaten as a cream, a sauce on pasta or in a pie. Try new toppings and the taste experience will improve for the whole family. You will see!

Improve children’s habits

I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any doubts about the feed your children, check with yours pediatrician. Specialists can guide you on how to implement good habits and avoid mistakes when feeding babies.

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