7 good habits to fight insomnia and rest better

When it’s time to go to bed, many times we don’t realize the state we’re in. Agitated by the series we’ve just watched, the phone conversation we’ve had or the latest email that has just been sent to us. There are many factors that can affect our sleep and can cause us insomnia. Therefore, what could be better than minimizing them!

But it’s not always easy. Mainly due to lack of time, we end up not paying attention to these good habits. However, the advantages of these simple tricks are multiple compared to the time it takes us to get used to it. However, we must also eliminate others who harm us.

7 good habits to fight insomnia

Next we will share 7 suggestions to fight insomnia naturally.

1. Hot shower or bath

good habits to fight insomnia and rest better

A simple and pleasant remedy is a warm shower or bath just before going to bed.

Hot water has a relaxing effect.Unlike cold water, which is stimulating, a hot bath reduces tension and allows us to go to bed with a pleasant feeling of well-being which leads to good rest.

A good idea to maximize the feeling of relaxation is to have a massage while soaping yourself. While doing the massage, we can concentrate on the aroma of the soap and thus avoid thinking.

Then, when we get out of the shower, we could pass the towel with soft movements, to pamper ourselves a little more. We can also try to recreate a thermal At home.

2. Know how to disconnect from technologies

Nowadays, One of the main reasons for insomnia is our addiction to the new technologies.

Television, computer or cell phone not only prevent relaxation of the mind, but stimulate it. Furthermore, the electromagnetic waves that continually persecute us do not bring benefits to our nervous system.

  • It is recommended that you reduce the use of these devices during the day whenever possible.
  • To combat insomnia, it will be essential disconnect from them at least two hours before bed.

3. Adapt to the sun

According to the experts of the National Institutes of General Medical Sciences, we have the following:

This means that the sun scans the biorhythms and that the body works better when we go with the hours of the sun.

It is advisable getting up in the morning with the first rays of the sun and picking us up when it gets dark.

It is not necessary to go to bed if it is still early, but we can change the dynamics of activities and slow down. For example, opt for reading or exercises such as yoga, which allow us to relax little by little and accustom the body to those biorhythms.

On the other hand, sunbathing is also a natural remedy for insomnia.

I agree with you experts of National Institute of Health, Enough with expose yourself to sunlight for 10 minutes a day, possibly all year round, notice an improvement in night rest. However, if we go over it, it could harm us, both in our skin and in our energy levels throughout the day.

4. Dine properly

salmon dish for our dinners

Biorhythms also indicate this After 21:00, our body dedicates its energy to regenerate the liver and gallbladder. This information is crucial to understanding why many people suffer from insomnia due to dinner parties.

If we eat too much before going to bed, our body will digest. This will have a negative impact on night biorhythms.

The healthier it is have light dinners before 8pmto ensure good digestion of food before bedtime.

We should avoid the following foods late at night:

  • Dairy products.
  • sugars.
  • Red meat.
  • Refined flours.
  • Unhealthy fats, such as fried foods and junk food.

Although they are very healthy foods, fruits provide us with a lot of energy, which is why it is more convenient to consume them during the day than at night.

5. Practice inverted postures

Of yoga techniques, inverted postures are a good strategy to relax and fight insomnia.

  • Raising your legs and positioning your head at a lower height than the rest of the body promotes circulation.
  • In this way, we relieve symptoms such as heavy legs or headaches, which make it difficult for us to rest.
  • We can lie down on the floor with legs verticalalong the wall. The posture of the sail it’s a good option.

6. Take care of the intestines

Some cases of insomnia are related to intestinal overload and inflammation, which can be a difficult cause to determine. To solve it we should regulate the function of this organ in a natural way.

A good option is to drink chamomile tea before going to bed. Along with this, it is advisable not to take any irritating foods or drinks during the day.

Chamomile and cinnamon remedy.

7. Have a bedroom suitable for resting

To combat insomnia it is also important to prepare the room in which we are going to sleep.

It will be difficult to rest if the room has:

  • Too much noise.
  • Lack of order and cleanliness.
  • Too many lights on.
    • It is very important that there is no light in the room during sleep. Not only because it’s annoying, but because it facilitates the secretion of melatonin in the body.
  • Inadequate temperature or lack of ventilation.
  • Electronic devices turned on and sockets too close. These generate electromagnetic fields around us which also interfere with melatonin.

As we see, There are many factors which, combined together, can be the main causes of insomnia. If with these simple measures you see that your rest does not improve, it is advisable that you go to the specialist so that he can investigate the cause of your sleep disorder and prescribe an adequate treatment.

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