7 needs of narcissists

The needs of narcissists constitute a variety of practices that are harmful to the people around them. Even their way of being is often compared to true predators of nature, as they are always looking for victims.

Regardless of background or circumstances, they are only concerned with being the center of attention and admiration from others. But while they may be similar to predators, narcissists differ from them in that we don’t see them coming.

That means, They are people who usually charm us with their pleasant personality and extroversion., which strips them of any negative appreciation; At least at the beginning. That doesn’t make us suspicious of their dark needs.

Today there is enough information that allows us to identify these types of people and their needs; which is extremely important to be vigilant and act on.

What is the narcissistic personality?

Narcissistic people They are characterized by their amazing ability to charm others, be very kind in the beginning. Therefore, they usually do not arouse suspicions about the emptiness, instability and suffering inside.

But good treatment usually doesn’t last long, as narcissists engage in behaviors that move between two extremes: on the one hand, there are the prosocial behaviors and, on the other, the antisocial.

In this sense, it is normal for them to be very kind at the beginning of the relationship. After a while, they do their worst, hurting everyone they were bonded with.

This behavioral ambivalence is what generates so much confusion in its victims. It represents the perfect scenario for the manipulation of the narcissist. It is common to hear them say “How dare you say that I treat you badly? Don’t you realize how much I’ve done for you?”.

For their part, narcissists are usually very self-aware people. They want to be perfect at everything, but they know they’re not. Before accepting their weaknesses, they prefer to look for weaknesses in others to compensate.

The needs of narcissists

The needs of narcissists are detrimental to the people around them. Getting to know them is of the utmost importance, as this is how we keep them from wreaking havoc with us.

Selfish and narcissistic.
Narcissistic people only care about themselves. Others are not important in his worldview.

1. Love and admiration

Narcissists believe they are unique, special, and have a wonderful existence. which is far from what others might imagine. But curiously, they are also aware of their shortcomings and some even know that they exaggerate their abilities.

That’s why they need to be constantly admired, to compensate and maintain that fictitious and fabulous image. They need to be the center of attention and to be admired by their close social circle. However, they are unable to reciprocate the love and admiration they receive. At best, they respond with a Love harmful and free of empathy.

2. Don’t trust others

When you meet a narcissist it will make us believe that he is someone we can trust and appeal at any time. They can even convince us that no one understands us better than they do; which will make it difficult to escape the harmful relationship in the future.

But the irony of the matter is that they will never trust us or anyone else. They need to distance themselves emotionally, which makes them cold and distrustful.

3. Check out others

Another of the needs of narcissists is to have more people under their control. Thus they can strengthen their identity marvelous.

WELL the more people you have under your influence, the more important you will feel. After all, the need to control others is a way to hide your low self-esteem.

If they don’t gain admiration and control over others, they will feel like they are nobody, worthless. Hence the analogy with predators.

4. Lying excessively

Narcissists lie every time they speak. His lies are usually about his great virtues and try to convince us that great things will happen to us alongside him.

However, such claims are based on imagination and dreams. As we have already seen, we are dealing with very insecure people who get excited just to feel good about themselves. Eventually, they end up believing their own lies.

5. Create and defend your amazing stories

In relation to the first thing, narcissists need to create a parallel reality for themselves where they amplify and exaggerate their abilities. In this sense, they do not hesitate to cross the line of ethics and respect.

They don’t care if they spread false or harmful information about other people, they lack scruples and can even commit criminal acts. After all, because they believe they are above others, they sometimes sense that the law doesn’t go with them.

6. Don’t show your weaknesses

the narcissists they feel the need to hide their flaws at all costs and turn their insecurity into a false fortress, whose goal is that no one can harm them. In order not to show their vulnerability, they will do whatever it takes, such as talking excessively, redirecting conversations, belittling others, pointing out their shortcomings.

Let us remember that they are people who feel empty and that their harmful, predatory and disrespectful behavior towards others is actually a mechanism for coping with their psychological distress.

Narcissism in a man.
The narcissist believes in the parallel reality he has fabricated, in which he is someone without flaws and deserving of everyone’s admiration.

7. Blaming others

The narcissist is aware, to some extent, that they are not perfect. Even if he’ll never admit it. This implies that, in the event of a mistake, you will not assume the consequences.

Therefore, if something went wrong due to his fault, then the culprits are others. In this way, they are always victims of bad deeds or the supposed incompetence of others.

It is difficult to address the needs of narcissists

Dealing with a narcissistic person can be very exhausting.. They can in fact undermine the self-esteem and identity of those close to you. Therefore, if someone you know came to mind while reading, you better start distancing yourself.

Even if the situation is complicated when that person is a relative or a very loved one. In such cases, if you are not seeking professional help to overcome the problem, it is best to distance yourself. So let’s not compromise our well-being.

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