7 things girls hate in bed

For many women, making love is much more than doing a physical activity fulfilling desire: it’s about connecting on an emotional level with your partner. Sadly, sometimes, there are a number of things girls hate in bed that men repeat over and over again.

While it is true that the frequency with which intimate encounters occur is an important point in the relationship, it is too play a good role during them.

Let’s go deeper.

What are the things girls hate in bed?

In many cases, girls choose not to express what annoys them so much, but they can still show signs of displeasure. Now let’s see what can be the things that a girl can hate in bed.

1. Straight to the main course

Women need caresses, kisses and affection to feel more relaxed during sex. In addition, it is these games that promote natural lubrication which greatly facilitates penetration. Sensuality is an expression of desire that encourages you to go for so much more.

Some guys get overwhelmed by intimacy anxiety and jump into intercourse without spending enough time in foreplay with the woman. In this sense, we must remember that sex is between two, therefore mutual stimulation is not only good, but necessary.

Relax to have sex.

2. Climax for one

At the precise moment when She starts to orgasm they just finish. Girls hate this situation in bed, as everything ends in the most selfish way.

These are not the cases of men who suffer from premature ejaculation, but those who do not take into account the partner, just for your pleasure.

3. To the undecided

Is there anything worse than men who can’t decide? They don’t know whether to touch or not, whether to go down or up. they ask Every move they’re about to make or where to put your hands. In this way sex becomes a request for permission that puts an end to any expectation of enjoyment.

to go to bed you must be willing to let yourself be carried away by all the senses and act accordingly. If something is not pleasant, they will certainly put an end to it, but to show that you do not know the tastes of the partner at all and, moreover, not to have any proposals, is simply outrageous.

4. To those who think they are puppeteers

This type of man is happy when his girlfriend offers him a passionate session of oral sex as a gift, just to thank him, he treats her like a puppet.

How to be romantic after having sex

This is one of the behaviors that annoys girls the most and even it often causes them to desist from this practice in the future. Having more confidence in what they are doing and letting them act is the option to not miss these surprises.

Women are people, not dolls.

5. Puppy addict

While some women may feel very satisfied with a specific position, that doesn’t mean that’s generally the case. Some men they feel so special with the puppy that, with every meeting, theirs instinct leads them to repeat the position. Girls hate always putting themselves in the same place and in the same way.

Innovating in sex is as beneficial and necessary as in any other aspect of life. Growing boredom hinders sexual desireand the truth is, both have a right to have fun.

6. Rough sex without agreement

Some couples agree to experiment with sadomasochism or other practices that include certain paraphilias, such as biting, gagging, using whips, among others. When the woman does not give consent for this to happen, she results unacceptable that they force him.

Is critical talk about limits in order not to fall into misunderstandings who succumb to failure.

7. Naked…with socks!

A naked man with socks on is very demotivating and does the eroticism. It may sound silly, but it is.

Just them, who fantasize about the most mischievous and daring positions, They can’t claim anything if they don’t take care of that minimum but horrible detail. It could ruin a very sensual moment.

Every woman is a world

While these are some of the things girls hate in bed, don’t assume that your partner doesn’t like these traits. Every woman has her own preferences and peculiarities.

Talk to her to find out what she needs, what annoys her, and try to come to an agreement. The idea is to try to communicate and maintain an attitude of good disposition to overcome adversity and go back to enjoying bed with confidence.

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