7 things not to keep in the bathroom

We often use bathroom furniture to store items that are more convenient to have at hand after a shower or bath. However, we do not take this into account The bathroom is the place in the house where the maximum humidity is concentrated. For this reason certain things should never be kept in the bathroom.

In this article, we’ll tell you about 9 of these things and why the bathroom isn’t the best place to keep or store them.

9 things not to keep in the bathroom

Many bacteria and microorganisms live in our bathrooms. However, only some of them can be harmful. For this reason it is very important to always disinfect and keep this room in the house clean.

Bacteria and microorganisms can accumulate in unexpected places. In this sense, the toilet is not always the place where they concentrate the most. Humidity and sudden temperature changes in the bathroom can lead to the growth of mold and bacteria on other objects.

Anyway, there are some items that are best removed from the bathroom immediately OR organize them properly if we insist on keeping them inside. Below, we present some of them.

razor blades

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Moisture can attack the metal of the blades, causing them to rust.

Showers often fill the bathroom with steam, so humidity is always present in this room of the house. Exactly for this reason, razor blades can rust more easily which is very dangerous if we are going to use them later.

It can seem very convenient to have them in the bathroom to use as soon as you get out of the shower, for example. However, we shouldn’t keep them in the bathroom, but elsewhere in the house away from moisture to prevent them from rusting.

Medicines: do not keep in the bathroom

You could have checked it In the boxes or leaflets of most medicines it says “keep in a cool, dry place”. Well the bathroom is not that place. In fact, the sudden changes in temperature in this space of the house and the high humidity that accumulates make it counterproductive to store medicines there.

For the same reason, we shouldn’t keep the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Here because, choose another place in the house that is really dry and with a constant temperature.

jewelery and bijouterie

Many women, at night, tend to wash and leave jewelry and trinkets in the bathroom. Also, this will make it easier to spot them the next day. However, for the same reason, we shouldn’t keep this type of item in the bathroom. Indeed, they could rust, deteriorate and break.

brushes and makeup

Still, the temperature contrast and the humidity of the bathroom can be responsible for the deterioration of the make-up. In this way it is recommended to store all kinds of make-up and brushes in another place in the house. The perfect excuse to have your own dressing table.

Household appliances and consequences of storage in the bathroom

Many people like to listen to the radio while taking a shower or bath. However, having an appliance in the bathroom is not a good idea. In fact, moisture can seriously damage them and cause them to crack. Moreover, it can also be dangerous if we are not careful and come into contact with water.


It goes without saying that towels for daily use will be in the bathroom. However, the clean ones you keep to refurbish the used ones should be stored elsewhere. The reason? Moisture will cause them to lose softness and suppleness.

Sun protection

In fact, sunscreen shouldn’t be kept in the bathroom. The reason is simple: humidity can affect its effectiveness, even create mold.


Even if it seems to you that they are well protected in their bottle, temperature changes, condensation and humidity they can cause the oxidation process to spoil the aroma.


To ensure good oral hygiene, toothbrushes should be kept clean and dry.

it’s about something essential for good oral hygiene. Moreover, humidity can cause it not to dry properly, causing mold and bacteria to build up. For this it must be placed in another space or, after use, dry it very well and place it in a case.

Now you know what risks you run if you continue to keep these items in the bathroom. For this reason, take your precautions or, change the site.

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