7 uses you can give hydrogen peroxide as a natural remedy

One of the most versatile, economical and useful products that we can have at home is hydrogen peroxide, or as it is known, hydrogen peroxide. Here we will explain the uses you can give hydrogen peroxide as a natural remedy.

There are many applications both for home care and for medicinal and aesthetic use. hydrogen peroxide is a solution that is not missing in a first aid kit and we must have at home.

Here are some applications of hydrogen peroxide as a natural remedy. You can incorporate them into your daily life to prevent and cure some diseases.

1. Hydrogen peroxide as a natural remedy to eliminate skin spots

Dark spots on the skin are a nuisance. They usually appear on the face, following hormonal changes (pregnancy and prolonged use of contraceptives) and the sun. To eliminate them, you can apply hydrogen peroxide daily with a cotton ball gently and then moisturize with a cream. The results will be incredible.

The same treatment can also be applied to the armpits. These usually darken from the continuous use of razor blades and deodorants. As an added benefit, hydrogen peroxide also fights bad odors.

Hydrogen peroxide as a natural remedy to lighten skin spots

2. For oral health

The properties of hydrogen peroxide effectively combat bad breath when applied as a mouthwash. It also serves as an antiseptic to heal wounds and mouth ulcers, as well as to whiten teeth naturally.

  • If you have a toothache, gargling with hydrogen peroxide (without swallowing) will help ease the infection and reduce inflammation in the area.

3. As an antifungal

Even the dreaded athlete’s foot and nail fungus can be combated with hydrogen peroxide. You just have to wash the area well and then apply directly between your toes or on your nails.

  • Another recommended procedure is to soak your feet or hands for about five minutes every night and then pat them dry. In a few days you will notice the results.

4. For throat problems

Swollen tonsils are often the product of bacterial infections that live in the area. To avoid and fight them, gargling with hydrogen peroxide is an excellent recipe.

What should you do?

  • If you have any discomfort, you can repeat the treatment twice a day, for two minutes for each gargle, without swallowing.
  • It’s a simple remedy and will help your throat strengthen the tissue that surrounds it.

5. Wounds and burns

This is the most frequent application of this product. To disinfect the area where the cut or burnapply a little hydrogen peroxide and leave it to act for a few minutes.

This way, not only will the wound be clean, but It will also facilitate the healing process of the same. It is important that this treatment is performed only on superficial wounds. If not, or if no improvement is observed, consult a doctor.

6. To fight acne

Acne is a disease suffered mainly in adolescence due to hormonal changes. It usually generates not only aesthetic but also psychological damage.

To combat it, one of the most effective remedies is hydrogen peroxide.

What should you do?

  • We will apply the hydrogen peroxide directly on the pimples and let it act.
  • Once dry, we can rinse with warm or cool water.
uses you can give hydrogen peroxide as a natural

7. Sinus and ear infection

It can be applied in a conservative ratio together with distilled water and used directly in the nostrils by spray application. The hydrogen peroxide will clean out the impurities from the sinuses.

To treat or prevent an ear infection, you can put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide inside your ear. In case of children, consult the pediatrician.

There are many uses that can be given to hydrogen peroxide as a natural remedy. The important thing is that you carefully control the percentage of hydrogen peroxide you need to apply so as not to cause irritation in some area of ​​your body, and if you don’t feel improvement or notice other symptoms, see a doctor.

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