8 tips to do a deep cleaning of the house without spending hours in the process

Dusting, washing dishes and sweeping are chores that can be done in a day; They don’t eat up too many minutes or drain, which happens when you do deep cleaning at home. This home bathroom extension covers tasks that require meticulousness, so it will take hours, even days, if you want to leave the rooms as a “silver cup”.

To perform this type of sanitization, a broom and duster are not enough. We’re not just talking about cleaning utensils; We also refer to patience and endurance, as the physical activity required to keep the house in order is comparable to physical activity. Let’s investigate it.

The importance of deep cleaning in the home

The goal of a deep cleaning is to completely disinfect and remove dirt. that invades the recesses of the house. It is different from daily sanitization, because it includes much more: doors, chimneys, windows and gutters, for example.

For a deep cleaning you have to prepare yourself with products, tools and, above all, organize yourself in advance. At the very least, spend an entire day rolling things around, discarding what you don’t use, fixing what’s damaged, and generally doing more than conventional grooming usually entails.

The process covers all stays and some require more intervention than others. As boring as it sounds, it is important to schedule cleanings of this type at least once a month, especially if you suffer from allergies or live with someone who does.

Second American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunologythis pathology Represents the sixth leading cause of chronic disease in the United States. And how mentions ClĂ­nica Universidad de Navarra (CUN), the best way to prevent these reactions of the immune system is to avoid contact with the allergen.

In this case, these substances are present in house dust, dust mites, fungi and moulds. All of these elements are combated through cleansing.

Benefits of deep cleaning at home

When you clean deep you ensure an aesthetically pleasing home and, through order, generate a sense of peace. Likewise, contribute to physical and mental health.

First up, Indiana University determined in an assessment that the conditions in which the residence is located favor physical activity. In the interest of keeping their homes tidy, people exercise a certain way.

As far as mental health is concerned, the Personality and Social Psychology Newsletter lifted up in an analysis that How someone describes their home reflects whether the time spent in it is restful or stressful. Notably, women who scored highest in stressful households reported depressed mood throughout the day. Conversely, those with the highest scores in the restorative house showed a decrease in depressed mood.

Tips for doing a deep cleaning at home without investing many hours

Realizing the importance of having a flawless home, we take action. To comply with everything that includes the meticulous hygiene of the house and not spend a lot of time on it, the key is to do a little bit every day: vacuum the carpets and furniture, don’t leave dirty dishes, sweep the rooms.

If you always keep order and apply the recommendations that we will reveal soon, when the day d you will invest less time.

Family house cleaning.
The help of family members facilitates the deep cleaning work.

1. Organization, first of all

Make a list of tasks by room, so you cross off jobs as you complete them. You can set a period for completing each task.

In case you need more time and if your commitments allow it, do not postpone the office. It will build up for the next day and the room condition will worsen.

It is essential to put activities and environments that require maximum cleaning intensity first.

2. Prioritize high-frequency stays

The kitchen, bathrooms and living room are constantly frequented by the house; therefore, they tend to get dirty more. It is to these that paying sufficient attention in deep cleaning corresponds; Reduce the effort if you worry about their regular cleaning.

The same goes for frequently used objects: children’s toys, the computer keyboard, doorknobs and kitchen stoves. Natural or commercial disinfectants wiped on these surfaces leave them as good as new.

3. Keep the kitchen tidy

Don’t go to bed without cleaning the kitchen. This habit saves you hours of work when cleaning deep, because you only empty the shelves and degrease, without wasting minutes washing the dishes.

4. Even if it’s once a month, roll up the furniture

A key to deep cleaning is removing dirt from furniture, especially furniture you don’t usually move. Roll them often in a broom and vacuum-packed; It doesn’t matter that you don’t change their position. Under these objects the microbes find a suitable habitat.

5. Free the fridge every week

You can’t forget the refrigerators when deep cleaning. To clean the refrigerator, unplug it and take out everything that is stored inside it, then dip a cloth in 1 liter of warm water mixed with lemon and bicarbonate; this eliminates bad smells. Finally, rinse with water and dry before putting the food back into the appliance.

A useful fact is Check every week what you don’t need in the fridge, i.e. report what has expired and throw it away. Sometimes you store foods or drinks thinking you’ll consume them later, but it never happens and they end up spoiling, taking up space and harboring bacteria that could contaminate the rest of your refrigerated items.

6. Getting into the closet is part of deep cleaning the house

He batch seasoning it helps to maintain order in the wardrobe, one of the areas of the house that lends itself to the accumulation of clothes and dust. Get rid of the clothes you don’t wear and wash the ones that have the smell of storage.

As the organizational method suggests, setting aside one day a week for wardrobe inspection helps you have less to do when it comes to deep cleaning.

7. That the cleaning of the bathrooms is habitual

Taps, showers and toilets; the bathroom as a whole must remain hygienic. It goes without saying that this is a health problem, due to the proliferation of germs that can arise in these places.

When it’s time for deep cleaning, less time is lost if the mentioned pieces are sorted, as the greater load would be on disinfecting the walls and floors.

8. Tackle walls and ceilings

Deep cleaning isn’t just about floors, beds or closets. Cobwebs weave the walls and ceilings, dust accumulates and moisture settles. Work them from the bottom up, reaching the fans and lamps built into them.

Use a sponge moistened with water and liquid soap. If you clean the walls frequently, when the “big clean” comes, the work will be reduced.

Clean the bathroom and its walls in deep house cleaning.
The walls need attention. Especially those who are in the bathroom and suffer the effects of constant humidity.

If you need it, get professional help to deep clean your home.

It is not impossible for one person to do the deep cleaning themselves. However, sometimes it is appropriate to seek support, because there are too many tasks, the house is very spacious, or there is some health condition or impediment that makes the process difficult.

When there aren’t as many family members or they are too young to delegate tasks, consider hiring professional help.

There are companies dedicated to this craft that work with the right equipment and with a staff trained for deep cleaning in record time. If you have the budget and need the cooperation, it would not hurt to consult them for their services.

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