8 ways to use old tires

Surprisingly, old tires have a lot of potential. How we use them depends on our ingenuity and our ability to imagine how to use them. Thanks to its elasticity and impermeability, it is a widely used element in industry. Due to their versatility and long life, they have also begun to be used as a raw material to make many other products.

In an effort to reduce the pollution caused by their disposal, hundreds of ideas have emerged for reusing them in the home. Indeed, there are several uses when they are no longer useful for vehicles. In this article, we offer you 8 ways to reuse them. The idea is that you originate your own initiative.

The tires are made of elastic polymer. This strong material is better known as “rubber”. Rubber can be of natural or synthetic origin. The one of natural origin is extracted from hevea, a tree native to South America and, also, from the latex of plants. For its part, synthetic rubber is a derivative of petroleum.

The best ideas for using old tires

Currently, there are many methods for to recycle the old tyres. The most common recycling consists in crushing them, cutting them and separating their components so that they can be used to build:

  • Streets
  • carpets
  • synthetic grass
  • Parks for children
  • Running tracks
  • boat protectors

However, there are other ideas to take advantage of them, without subjecting them to the process mentioned above. Are you ready to put them into practice? Dare to take your creativity further!

1. Swings


Do you want to have fun at home without spending too much? A very cool idea is to turn those old tires into swings for kids.

Buy a rope in the color you like best and paint the tires with a spray. Then hang them in the garden, on a thick trunk so that it is strong and secure enough. As an additional measure, It is recommended that you line the inside with fabric so that when you are seated, it does not rub directly against your skin.

2. Sandbox

We have another idea for very young children who don’t go on the swing. How about a gaming sandbox? It’s very easy to do: You just have to wash, let it dry and then paint the old tires however you like. Then fill them with sand and put an umbrella over them. This sandbox is sure to become your children’s favorite place.

3. Planter

5 different ways to recycle tyres

Due to their shape and size, old tires are excellent pieces for decorating exteriors and gardens. Thanks to their resistance, they do not deteriorate due to bad weather and can be ideal for growing various plant species. Spray paint your new planters in your favorite colors. If you prefer, you can also keep its original color. Sow inside them!

4. Mirror frame

An old car tire is not the best option for making a cute mirror. However, thin bicycle wheels can easily be used for this craft. Just wash and let the tire dry. After that, you can put a layer of clear varnish on it, so that it is black and shiny.

Also, you can spray paint it gold, bronze or any other color you like. Then, you’ll need to find a mirror that fits inside it, adjust it, and voila! To properly attach the mirror to the tyre You can use industrial glue which you should apply to several places inside the tire.

5. Pet bed

pet bed

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a bed for our pet. Old tires are the perfect shape for a cute and cozy bed. To do this, you just need to fill the inside of the tire with a foam cushion or pillow. Decorate it to your liking.

6. Garbage deposits

By merging several old tires you can make a garbage dump. Of course, its shape can vary depending on creativity. Essentially, the idea is to join up to three tyres, one on top of the other, to form a sort of deep container. Then, to facilitate the task of taking out the trash, a bag is placed inside.

7. Outdoor table

outdoor table

Decoration with elements made from old tires is in fashion. Certainly, Many people reuse this material to make furniture and tables for areas such as the garden or terrace. Place one eraser on another and then paint them to your liking. Then, place a lid (plastic, wood, or any other material you like) on top of it that will act as a surface.

8. Outdoor sofas

To enjoy your family gatherings in the garden or in the outdoor spaces of the house, you can make comfortable sofas by recycling old tires. Gather more pieces, depending on how many seats you want the piece of furniture to have. (In general, each square will have two tires.) Paint them to your liking and fill them with cushions or foam.

These are just some of the many ideas for recycling old tyres. There are many ways to turn them into useful and decorative objects. Shall we get to work?

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