9 keys to avoiding large meals at parties

If you are one of those people who always go to parties and don’t know how to continue with the diet, you are in the right place. Large meals during festive events overload our body with kilos and calories which can later trigger a long list of inconveniences.

At a party you can easily eat between 4,000 and 5,000 calories following appetizers, main courses, desserts and so on. So the first thing we recommend is to eat with your head: think before clouding your mind and letting yourself be carried away by so many appetizing dishes.

Very elaborate recipes with meat, fish, chicken, along with desserts and alcoholic beverages can cause havoc. Lack of control brings days of heaviness and discomfort.

let’s attack the sugar

Sugar will always be present in a meeting with friends, work or family. We can find it in sweets, soft drinks or snacks. It is one of the most harmful foods for the bodybeing the root cause of many diseases, according to a study published in the journal NEVER.

It attacks the heart, makes you fat and inflicts the coup de grace with diabetes. At a party, run away from it, or at least avoid consuming it in large quantities. Direct your gaze towards healthier dishes. The body will thank you.

Consequences of large meals

The day after the party you won’t just be hungover from the amount of alcohol you drank. Also for the indigestion and digestive discomfort that will leave you with large meals. It’s a discomfort that can affect your performance for a considerable time.

It doesn’t matter if you partied during the day or at night, the following times will be guided by:

  • Stomach pains.
  • Heachache.
  • Diarrhea.
  • vomit

With these inconveniences you will not need to go to the hospital. However, Large meals can lead to pancreatitis in the worst case, for which you will need medical assistance. This would be caused by consuming foods with a lot of fat.

The above will be a consequence of the stomach upset produced by the large high-calorie meals you have consumed. In this situation, We advise you to alternate your diet with light meals and purifying foods. You can accompany with water and tea.

Also choose fruits like grapes and pineapples, since both They are ideal for aiding in the digestive process. We assure you that the situation will clear up in less time if you stick to a bland diet for the next couple of days. That is, based on vegetable creams, soups and other liquids.

This way you will ensure that you are supplying the essential nutrients that the body needs. vitamins from vegetables have shown necessary to prevent the development of pathologies.

10 keys to avoid large meals

At this point we already know that it is not advisable to eat excessively. However, we understand that at a party the idea is to have fun and the food is part of that. That’s why we will tell you how to avoid eating in large quantities and avoid subsequent discomfort:

1. Before the party, eat the three main dishes of the day

This way you won’t arrive hungry at the event and you will avoid eating more than necessary. Also, if it’s a dinner party, remember that later you will go home to sleep and this will increase the pain and heaviness.

2. Hydrate well on the day of the event

Two liters of water is an acceptable amount. With this You will avoid water retention generated by binge eating and dehydration due to alcohol. You can also take purifying infusions.

3. Eat in small quantities

This way you will try everything. The idea is to taste all the dishes, then measure the portions and try to keep them small so that you can reach dessert without complications.

4. Take advantage of healthy dishes

You might be lucky to come across a table dedicated to healthy dishes. Then, choose salads or grilled or baked meats, because they have less fat. Accompany with salads. This combination won’t make you feel heavy.

5. Don’t forget the water

During the party, drink plenty of water. Reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages. Exists enough proof suffice it to say they are bad for your health. We know that in abundant meals there are always toasts; if you wish, accompany the moment with a glass of wine, but don’t abuse it.

6. Look for desserts with fruit and avoid high-calorie ones

There are desserts which, even if small, are very caloric. Avoid them. They can be a sweet, nougat or marzipan. Pick one and that’s it.

Instead, if you have the option to opt for fruit kebabs, choose them first what cakes. Also, don’t miss those preparations that go with pineapple: it will help you digest food better and is purifying.

7. Chew your food thoroughly

About 40 times per bite is ideal. Chewing allows you to carry out the digestive process without difficulty. If 40 times seems like too much, try doing it at least 15-20 times.

8. Divide what’s left over

family home cooking

If the party was at your house, distribute any leftovers among your guests. This way you will avoid continuing to eat in large quantities in the following days.

9. Be aware

You see that it is possible to avoid large meals at large events. You will be able to comply with the above advice as long as you are aware of it to enjoy it is not necessary to eat in large quantities or harm your body.

Avoid hearty party foods

Remember that avoiding large meals, especially during a party, will have a positive impact on your health. Also in the performance in the following days, since the feeling of tiredness deriving from the intake of toxic substances and abundant food will be reduced.

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