9 ways to recycle newspapers

One of the ways to preserve the environment is to recycle newspapers. The environmental organization green peace specifies in an article that, although digital reading formats are growing, Western Europe and North America they consume more than 50% of the world’s paperwhile Europe and America consume 6 times more paper than the average.

These figures are reflected in the hundreds of forests and ecosystems being replaced by fast-growing tree plantations for the paper industry. By reusing it you contribute to the recovery of forest masses. Don’t throw away the old newspaper because it is useful for the activities we teach you below.

1. Wrap the items

Perhaps this is the most common use newspapers receive after reading them. Pack delicate decorations and belongings that you will move in one move, so they don’t scratch or break. Since they are large pages, they are perfect for this purpose.

For greater security, first smooth paper and proceed to a second layer with the crumpled paper. If it falls, it helps absorb the blows.

2. Clean glass

Newspapers are excellent glass cleaners. Its sheets work better than cloths on windows, to the point of removing stains and leaving them clean.

If you want to have shiny glass doors, windows and other similar surfaces, the solution is to recycle the newspaper and use it for a perfect finish. Moisten it with a little vinegar diluted in water or just water and proceed with polishing. Finish with a dry leaf.

Newsprint doesn’t have to be junk right away. Reuse it to reduce your footprint on the environment.

3. Ripe fruits and vegetables

Thanks to its absorbent feature, speeds up the ripening time of some fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, avocados and pears, for example. The key is to wrap and leave at room temperature until ready to eat.

4. Disappears odors

Even inside the refrigerator, newspapers eliminate unpleasant odors. Cover the bottom of the vegetable drawer and you will notice that the smell and humidity are gone.

In the case of containers in which food is stored, stuff them with a piece of newspaper overnight consume the stench. It has the same effect on briefcases, suitcases, tote bags, and plastics.

5. Create origami

This is the most fun and educational way to recycle. Origami is also known as origami and is considered to encourage children’s cognitive and motor skills, according to one publication of the journal Sciences of Education.

Do? Save the old newspapers and download some tutorials on the Internet to teach your children to build figures. In fact, don’t limit yourself. Together with them, go ahead and fold paper! easy origami it is one of many sites with detailed guides.

6. Use it as a floor for your pets

Whether in the tray of a cage or directly on the floor, with the newspaper you clean up your pets’ needs more easily. Get used to using a space where you have old newspaper pages.

7. Dry your shoes

When you come home from the street with rain-soaked shoes, nothing better than wrapping them in newspaper to absorb moistureavoid mold and do not acquire a bad smell.

8. Make notebooks or cards

If you tear up the newspaper, soak it, and blend it in a blender until it forms a paste, you create your own recycled paper. On a smooth surface, roll out the dough and wait for it to dry. Then cut out the shape you want to make for the cardseco-friendly invitations or notebooks.

9. Make crafts

Recycling newspaper allows you to make crafts, such as decorative boxes, photo frames or mirrors, and more:

  • Lining Gifts: it is an unusual wrapper. To get more attention, grab pages or sections with funny graphics, ads, or comics.
  • Baskets: cut strips of paper and weave in wicker style. It is used to store magazines or light objects.
  • Decorated walls: select a wall in your home and cover it with newspaper: get out of the conventional and the room will be spectacular.

Why is it important to recycle newspapers?

Newspapers that are not reused end up as waste.. Most of the daily waste corresponds to paper.

When you recycle, in addition to saving money, you are collaborating with the environment, mainly with the forests that are cut down to obtain cellulose. Consuming little and recycling more also means fewer trees destroyed, saving water and energy.

Furthermore, reduces the risk of respiratory or heart disease. A study by the Spanish Association of Pulp, Paper and Board Manufacturers published in 2003 notes that paper recycling contributes to the highest greenhouse gas reduction rate; a serious threat to the protection of the ozone layer. By recycling, you breathe better.

Woman in the forest.
Helping forests survive also contributes to our respiratory and heart health.

Latest tips for recycling newsprint

Paper production goes hand in hand with deforestation. Although a report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) ensures that in the last five years the annual rate of deforestation has been reduced from 12 to 10 million hectares, there is still a lot to do to help the planet.

Some basic recommendations applicable from home are the use of second hand books or libraries; if you need to print a document, do it on both sides; unsubscribe from receiving uninteresting advertisements by mail; Do not throw the paper in the trash, but deposit it in the appropriate containers.

The most important advice is to spread the word among family, friends and neighbors to promote the culture of recycling.

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