A rather rare sight occurred recently. A badly damaged Tesla Cybertruck was spotted being towed off the street. The vehicle had a cracked windshield and multiple scratches and dents.

It’s a good thing that Tesla is putting the vehicle to work before launching it, but at the same time, the picture is reminiscent of the time when Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, accidentally broke the “armored glass” with a metal ball in during the presentation of the vehicle, almost three years ago.

It’s not clear what the company was using this test vehicle for, but given Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s repeated promises that this truck will be able to survive almost any conditions (including the surface of Mars), it’s not far-fetched to assume that its limits were tested.

Probably a Cybertruck vehicle used in testing

The vehicle in the image is also equipped with what appear to be sensors and camera calibration equipment, as it points out Futurism.

On its website, Tesla claims that the Cybertruck’s “exoskeleton” is “designed for maximum durability and passenger protection” and that it is “nearly impenetrable.”

Musk brags about his ‘indestructible’ vehicle

The “armored glass” is also designed to “redirect impact force for improved performance and damage tolerance,” according to Musk’s company’s official page.

According to Musk, the electric vehicle will finally go into production sometime next year after years of delays. Given that Tesla is still releasing the details, it looks like the world still has a long way to go.

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